Over the years, I have come across writings and statements that encapsulate what I consider to be excellent pieces of advice. As in Baz Luhrmann’s case, these are what have helped me and could help others, but your mileage may vary.

There are greater truths than these, of course, but unlike religion or politics, they are accessible to everyone’s mind.

Rik Mayall’s Five Mantras

In his speech at the University of Exeter after receiving an honorary doctorate, he outlined five mantras for life that have helped him. He wasn’t the first to voice these, but he crystallised them very well.

Equality, Opportunity, Wisdom, Freedom and Love.

Monty Python’s “He’s a Naughty Boy” scene from “Life of Brian”

A set of truths concealed in a comedy. People should not blindly follow anyone but make up their own minds.