“war” news 2

So those aid workers have been freed. Good. I still doubt their innocence though. Unlike the apparent majority of the people in this country I dare to criticize Christianity. I believe it is indeed possible that those aid workers were crusading and trying to force their beliefs on people in Afghanistan. I agree that what was done to them was very wrong technically speaking, but if you go breaking some community’s law by participating in an activity that that community’s government deems illegal or offensive, don’t be surprised if they punish you. Aid in the form of food, shelter or loans is fine, but trying to give people something they already have in another form, in this case Islam as their religion, is just wrong. They are perfectly happy with the religion they have. Abusing their otherwise needy situation is just cruel. It’s also a great contradiction: On one hand’s side help is given and on the other property is destroyed. Stop your abuse! If the president wasn’t a Christian himself I’m sure something more could be done, emphasis on could. That’s an entirely different story though…