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MT usage

This post is in response to a call for posts on Six Apart’s blog today in regards to usage of Movable Type.

I personally use MT for three blogs, one for news, one for diary like entries and the third one is a private blog. Of those, I am the only author for two of them and the third has two authors.

Now this would already be almost good enough for the present free version of MT, but it isn’t. While two blogs are at the same URL and I am the only active author, I feel I need the freedom to innovate, to expand as needed and not be restricted.

Seeing as I would need to buy the personal edition 10 author license to have the freedom I need, I am very tempted to discontinue my use of MT as I cannot afford to pay $119 for a software package of this nature.

I am a college student and even though weblogs are an academic interest of mine, I would rather spend those $119 on textbooks or more basic necessities.

I would however be willing to pay a more reasonable amount as nothing is free at the end of the day. I would probably be willing to pay about $40 for that license type based on my non-commercial usage and student status and would definitely pay that same amount again for a major upgrade.