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Spectrum Fact Check

In my second letter to The Spectrum this semester, I put right some naive observations they wasted paper on:

To the editor:

In your balanced coverage (gasp) of the 6th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, a few larger facts seem to have fallen by the wayside.

Especially Dan Mecca’s editorial was wrong on several points.

He was first very childish to remark he is grateful that President Bush’s second term is nearing its end. Not only can the President not be held responsible for every foreign policy action and decision, it is a delusion common amongst liberals that somehow everything would be better if it weren’t for President Bush.

I believe it is imperative to remember that ultimately there isn’t much of a difference between Democrats and Republicans. While Democrats generally don’t care about our nation’s wellbeing and only look after their own elitist concerns, Republicans too have recently acquired a weakness for band aid “solutions” and cowardly actions. Both spend like a kid in a candy store and both fail to eliminate the waste of our armed forces’ time and resources.

While President Carter catered to Muslims by remaining inactive during the build up to the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, President (G.W.) Bush has backed down every time CAIR has moaned about a measure and President Clinton too abused our armed forces for purposes not related to our interests (when he wasn’t busy slashing defense funding).

So to believe that “it will all be better soon” is not only foolish but also very naive. Do you really think Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton will change things?

Mecca was also wrong on the tax and WMD issues. Not only do we still not know where the WMDs that were not shipped to the UN in New York went, but the richest are still paying the most taxes percentage wise.

It is also not criticism that in unpatriotic, it is immature whining, temper tantrum throwing and releasing classified information to our enemies through our mass media that is. Wishing for fellow citizens’ deaths and the destruction of the US is only patriotic if you happen to be in North Korea or some urban environment in old Europe.

It was also hypocritical of Mecca to complain about a lack of checks and balances. He would be well served to study many a judge’s circumvention of the due process of our political system to enact unpopular laws and strike down popular ones.

As for Bin Laden, he is not the problem, the ideology he espouses is. If he were killed, some other lunatic would step up to lead those suicidal maniacs.

Let James Raymond write more. At least he gets 70% of his facts right.