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The liberals’ idea of “diversity”

The following is a letter to the editor of my school’s student newspaper, The Spectrum. After they had opined that this year’s Distinguished Speaker Series lacked diversity of opinion and background (i.e. no conservative speakers), I responded as follows:

To the editor:

While you were correct to point out that there is no ideological diversity in this years (the twenty first!) Distinguished Speakers Series, you did not include an insight that explains why, contrary to logical thought, there is diversity in this year’s lineup.

When educators and fellow liberals and communist friendly executives talk about diversity, they mean anything but anyone or any ideology to the right of Senator Clinton. Diversity to them is a smokescreen, not a worldview.

Our “dear leaders” want a truly diverse environment about as much as Fidel Castro wants Democracy or the Chinese government wants freedom of speech. They are not interested in a broad, no-holds-barred exploration of knowledge, history and truth. Many historical periods have only one correct interpretation, others are never mentioned, and some simply don’t get any attention whatsoever.

This leads to an environment where Hitler was always more evil for killing fewer people than their idol Stalin, crimes against humanity committed by friendly armed forces are taboo and the only truly noteworthy religion is Buddhism.

Following their peculiar brand of logic, one may conclude that seeing as there are men and women, white and of color, and not necessarily all heterosexual, in the lineup, the series contains much diversity (and none of that pesky conservative and libertarian hole-poking).

But I suppose it is too much to ask for true diversity in an age where even “old Europe” has speech codes enshrined in federal law.

Fellow students, friends, allies and foes, don’t believe the truth!

Study religious texts yourself, read historical works for yourself! We have some awesome libraries with friendly and very helpful librarians at our disposal. Show them that they have not been replaced by computers!