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A Spectrum of sheep

Below is another attempt of setting my school’s student newspaper’s editors straight on a few things. But oh no, I criticized the administration without being a hippie communist shouting obscenities outside a building… I guess that explains why this is yet another quality letter rejected in favor of some infantile idiot’s drivel.

To the editor:

This letter is in response to your article and editorial on SA’s alleged inattention to students’ schedules.

I think students need to first be reminded of what an awesome deal they get with their student association. For only just under $80 per semester, each student gets many free movies, at least one festival and several smaller concerts, prominent speakers, club events, and so much more! Even if you only go to a few movies and a fest, you already have received great value for your money. I bet if you went to, say, Ozzfest and half a dozen movies off campus you’d be paying more than $80.

Having said that, I think the Spectrum should state the inconvenient truth (pun intended) of the matter. It is the UB administration that is to blame for these scheduling conflicts. Their refusal to construct several new badly needed and actually useful buildings has left schools and departments with no other choice but to schedule classes in inconvenient locations at inconvenient times. Don’t blame the SA President for not ruining his career by pursuing this matter to the utmost of his ability.

Instead of finally building the Lee Road extension, for example, the School of Management constructs a building that almost no one uses if they don’t have to (relative to Lockwood Memorial Library, for example), they put up silly artsy pots on an unnecessarily renovated founders’ plaza, they renovate parts of buildings, all conveniently located to entice the exploited of the future, they spend lots of cash on talking rubbish and placating their cash cows with gifts.

Isn’t it funny that most changes are conveniently located in or around Capen Hall? Also, isn’t it funny that the kings of UB care more about Buddhism than about their students? Why is it that at least one Rabbi and a Priest spend so many more hours with students than the allegedly ever so caring administration? Granted, a man of God is supposed to do that, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind an environment more suited to quiet study and reflection more often as well.

Getting on with building something other than housing at some remote time in the future will be very profitable, and probably a lot sooner too. Why not quit squabbling with Amherst residents over who gets to cash in on student housing first and build something on land that UB already owns? I’m sure First Amherst has had to turn businesses away because there wasn’t enough space left in the Commons. So why not build the second batch of the most profitable commercial real estate in WNY now and not lease it to a private corporation?

Eventually, campus will be too crowded, and the main source of income for the window dressers atop the Capen libraries will dry out. A premier institution respects and honors its students, Mr. President!