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Elementary education for editors

Here’s a letter to The Spectrum from earlier this month that “didn’t make it”. This one was a response to one of their commie greenhorns blasting the President.

To the editor:

This is in response to Joshua Boston’s editorial in your October 8 issue.

As President Reagan famously said over a quarter century ago, there you go again. You look for some silly little problem and then blame all the bad things in the world on President Bush. We get it, liberals, if it weren’t for President Bush we’d all be millionaires, lahdeeda…

Last year, Democrats promised to not only end pork barrel spending but also to end the war in Iraq. To date, they have done the exact opposite. Rep. Murtha and his friends have been stealing more money for their districts than ever and despite all the moaning they have done about how much they want to see our armed forces humiliated, they have continued to increase funding for the war.

Get this into your thick skulls: Congress is guilty! Why do you think President Bush has a better approval rating than Congress? It’s because Congress has done far more to waste our money than the President has.

As for the President being the “destroyer”, that’s the pot calling the kettle black. In the relatively short time that President Bush has been in office, he has done quite well to undo some of the massive damage you liberals have been doing to our country for the past century.

If you want a true destroyer, look at Karl Marx, or if you prefer a living one (but one who is a murderer too), take Senator Ted Kennedy. That wheezing pile of communist excrement has done far more to hurt Americans than President Bush has ever had the chance to.

As for your little bridge, you have several layers of officials below the President who are supposed to take care of that. Seeing as you seem to like the federal level, you may want to contact Congressman Reynolds. As the bridge is in his district and he has prided himself in bringing money here from Washington, I’m sure he would look into taking care of that sore spot on his otherwise flawless record. But do try to be mature… A kind word in his mailbox will go a lot further than something scooped out of the toilet paper made by the Communist Party.