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Shot while breaking the law? Tough luck!

The following is the newest letter to The Spectrum which will probably not be published. It is a response to this silly piece. But oh dear, I actually too the time to write something entertaining and thought out (compared to this “letter”)!

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Dan Mecca’s column in your October 29 issue.

I believe Mr. Mecca should teach a master class on how to discuss feelings with criminals while under duress as he seems to be an expert on that matter.

I doubt that if a gun wielding meth addict were to threaten him and his (hypothetical) family, he would offer the offender some tea and cake and try to sit down with him to discuss his feelings. Seeing as he seems to favor being a victim, I suppose he would happily volunteer himself and his family to be executed on the spot, but that too would be a silly thing.

The whole idea behind the castle doctrine (the law passed in Florida and elsewhere) is that you should not be punished for self defense. Most sane individuals consider it very counter intuitive to be forced by law to be a victim of a crime when such a situation could be avoided very easily. Granted, avoidable deaths are sad, but many mistakes do not go unpunished.

Contrary to Mr. Mecca’s mistaken illusions, it is the criminal’s fault if he gets shot while committing a crime. It is he who should be concerned about what his actions will effect in the lives of those he cares about. Just like you can’t jump off a 20 story building and expect to survive, it is reckless to expect to not suffer for committing a crime.

It would be very funny to see a victim celebrate his family’s death with the person who just caused those deaths, but as always, reality just isn’t that ideal. Until teleportation becomes a viable form of transport for law enforcement, I’d rather not trust that they’ll appear out of thin air to save the day the moment a criminal breaks into my house. I’d much rather break out my gun and show the perp that in my house led poisoning does not come from the paint on the walls.

There’s a nice sign you can use if you wanna make the above common sense approach more formal. It simply reads: “No Trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.” If you can’t understand that you certainly deserve to get shot.