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Petraeus Points to War With Iran (Patrick J. Buchanan)

PJB: Petraeus Points to War With Iran ::: Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Wow, Israel is really going for it now. I mean seriously, how much more obvious can it get. They’ve got the President and Congress under control (no one will dare say one bad word about their atrocities) and one of their own, one observant Jew by the name of Lieberman, is at the forefront of the push for war on Iran.

This is why we need Rep. Paul in office. He is the only candidate who will stand up to the Israel lobby and show them the door. There must be a point where Israel will have to fend for itself. It has all the weapons it needs, courtesy of the US tax payer, so there really is no need to further “help” them. And if, heaven forbid, they do get nuked, they will have no one to blame but themselves. Even “God’s chosen people” cannot escape the need for justice.