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Presidential debate notes

A parsing of Sen. B. Hussein Obama’s statements:

Obama: “Final verdict on 8 years of Bush”

Wrong. It was the Democrats who got us in this mess long before President Bush ever came to DC. Extending home loans to undeserving people never has and never will help. Obama clearly intends to continue the policies that have failed. Furthermore, the Bush tax cuts, which he opposes, have helped and will continue to help the middle class.

Obama: “Wealth will not trickle down”

It certainly won’t if you tax the rich disproportionately. They will relocate and his dear middle class will be screwed even more.

“Reregulation” = communism

If we were to adopt Obama’s crazy ideas, we would be well on our way to a state run and controlled economy like the USSR had. Once again, Obama’s “solution” would hurt and not help us.

Jumping on a bill

That’s the kettle calling the pot black. Obama has never initiated legislation, or at least never of the kind that counted. McCain-Feingold however is a household name. As for pointing fingers… Who has been blaming the President for everything? Yeah…

“Coordinate with other countries”

More code language for the UN and their henchmen interfering in our business. We have all the intellectual capital we need, what we do with our country is no one else’s business!

National debt and deficit

Not only did Obama brush off all responsibility his party has for this mess, but he also neglected to mention that his “plans” will not solve the problem. More taxing and spending is not the answer. Not that we can expect him to know this, but someone could’ve told that greenhorn. As for lobbyists, Senator, you would not be where you are today without them. Try asking an adult about that sometime…

Senator McCain was right to point out that Obama has been very mainstream and has never had the guts to go against the grain, so much so that it has become his calling card.

Energy independence

Obama has no credibility on this subject. We will never be independent without domestic inland and offshore drilling. Also, junior, the “Bush tax cuts” were for the people, not companies. Someone educate that boy.

(more to come…)