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Goodbye Mr. President

Fact check: The Bush Record

So this is it. In less than 12 hours (as of this writing), President Bush will depart Washington. And after 8 good conservative years it’ll once again be goodbye Bush and hello Clinton, albeit with Hillary as Secretary of State and stooge (and usurper) Obama as President.

Obama’s administration is for the most part made up of Clinton administration alumni and by all accounts his administration will be no better than Clinton. Once we look past the similarities of crippled armed forces, weak handed diplomacy, massive taxation and extremely wasteful federal spending and coddling enemies, the main difference will be that Obama won’t have to contend with a spineful Congress for at least two years.

As I’ve said many times, things will get worse even though it won’t seem that way. Just like liberals and communists will disagree with me, the media will collectively bury their heads in the sand and pretend the new President is still their perfect messiah. We can also expect no less from old Europe where the media suffer from an even more severe form of Bush derangement syndrome.

Let us hope we’ll still be able to tell the difference between Stalin, Mao Tsetung. Lenin, Marx and B Hussein Obama by this time in two years. If the GOP doesn’t wake up this time the USA is indeed done for.