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Make Voting a Privilege!

How Ignorant Are Americans? – Newsweek.

Today’s ORLY?! award goes to Newsweek. Their findings are older than a mold that’s developed a rudimentary form of intelligence. Oh, and Mr. Romano gets to wear the Captain Obvious hat this week.

To make their survey less embarassing they should send the list of those who failed to the State Department so they can mark them down as guaranteed Democrat voters for 2012.

Voting should be like driving. If you’re not old enough, too old or can’t pass a test every few years, you should not be allowed near a ballot box. Similarly, if on election day you can’t pass a random major lapse in judgement screening by correctly answering a new series of questions, you should immediately have your right to vote revoked for a period of at least one day but longer if a judge deems it appropriate.

And yes, I am being serious. Just like unqualified drivers kill people, so do unqualified and thereby ideally ineligible voters. Voting should always be a privilege, not a right. Or would you entrust a junkie with your child’s well being? If you’re too dumb to even have a basic knowledge of your own government, you deserve to have your sovereignty confiscated.