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Whose story is it? (h/t POLITICO 44: Whiteboard Archives)

POLITICO 44: Whiteboard Archives for May 03, 2011.

This is significant. If the White House even now can’t seem to get the story straight about who did what where, who dies, who shot, etc.. then there’s clearly something wrong with this picture.

Once again, I do not believe that representatives of “the leader of the free world” (he isn’t) couldn’t order a high ranking officer to speedily debrief / interrogate all living persons involved in the raid, sum up the information and deliver their report to their Commander in Chief. This is rudimentary intelligence work, not science.

This is all symptomatic of a situation where someone invents an only partially true story and then asks everyone to memorize and disseminate it. It’s as if no one in the White House wants to admit to having thrown the baseball that broke the window.

And again I say, pull the other one, Barry!