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Wall St. occupied by Marxist scum

Details at Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse.

The way the mainstream media have or have not been reporting on the mess at surrounding Wall Street, you’d think that you may indeed be watching the seeds of a genuine threat to the world banker cabal. And you’d be totally wrong.

What is taking place in NYC is the usual grouping of marxists, leninists and other forms of socialist kids who have nothing better to do than to regurgitate the falsehoods their idols invented.

Add to this the potentially massive support from unions and their leaders and you have a massively illegitimate fake protest. Instead of Shakespeare in the park it’s Che Guevara in the park.

This so-called “occupy wall street” movement is nothing but yet another distraction. Given the hippies’ dismal track record, the bankers are just fine with them hanging out there and being able to get their friends in the media to spread the official story that there is a legitimate protest going on, that there are activists giving common Americans a voice, etc.. This way, those who could actually end the bankers’ reign will stand down in the false belief that their concerns are being taken care of.

To compare that bunch of loonies to Tahrir square and Libya is an insult to those who died in battle to topple Mubarak and Ghaddafi. They didn’t do so alone either, but they did have genuine grievances. The yobs in NYC are nothing but your typical college students, bored rich kids, infantile “adults” and other vermin. Just like they didn’t elect Gore, didn’t stop the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya, or for the older fogies, stop the Vietnam war, they will not tarnish the bankers’ reputation or security one iota.

In a funny turn of irony, there is indeed nothing to see near Wall Street. Safe to pull a Giuliani and clean up now Mr. Mayor!