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Three juggling instrumentalists

Tue 17 Sep – The Winery Dogs

Considering their line-up and previous concerts on this leg, a great gig was as good as guaranteed.

The opening act, The Sixxis, were a big surprise. Their brand of prog metal made for the ideal warm up as they both had well written rock songs as well as the prog metal streak that has characterized many aspects of Mike Portnoy’s career. Look them up, they may be big soon.

After a longer than usual set change, The Winery Dogs finally came on stage just after 9:30pm. Playing the tour set of their album interspersed with a few covers and solo spots, they could not have left any serious fan disappointed. As alluded to by the title of this review, those three could literally juggle with their instruments and still sound good.

Billy Sheehan left me wondering whether he either plays a very sturdy bass guitar or whether he carries several spares as he truly covered all bas(s)es, playing every spot that could produce a tone.

Mike Portnoy played on what must be the smallest kit he’s ever played outside of Yellow Matter Custard, having only some of his more modest quirks in his setup. He may be a toolkit drummer, but boy does he use it well!

Richie Kotzen, the man with the ironic last name, too did not struggle and hit every note and bluffed many scales out of his guitar. He even made the Poison cover fun.

So go see them if you can, especially if you too miss Black Country Communion but can cope with the absence of a full time keyboard.

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