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Celebrating lyricists

Thu 14 Nov – The Bad Shepherds

Better than any compilation and miles above cover bands, Adrian Edmonson and his Bad Shepherds reinterpret songs to highlight their message. You needn’t be a folk fan to appreciate them, but it sure is helpful if you know the original versions. There may be many punk bands out there and many “proper” folk bands, but none demand that you listen to the words quite as well.

Ade will have to be careful to not outstay his welcome though. TBS is a great act, and there sure are lots of worthy songs to cover, but in the end us the audience still do want him to regularly collaborate with his wife and / or Rik Mayall. To put a lid on the 20th century coyotes is to hypocritically let one part of the past gather dust while highlighting the other.

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