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Fri 6 Dec – The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Like others of his generation and career path, most notably probably Lemmy, Arthur Brown is one of very few left, who have always crafted originality from where there was only raw material. Both promoters and spectators don’t know what they’re missing out on by passing on booking or seeing him, he’s that great.
Having probably lived a somewhat healthier lifestyle than others, Arthur Brown can still perform as animatedly and loudly as ever. He performed a good mix of songs from his latest album as well as classics, including of course the Fire Suite.
The current lineup of his band too did not disappoint. Both tools in Brown’s arsenal as well as functioning as a well oiled machine, those guys and gals truly proved themselves worthy of backing a legend.
So do yourself a favor next Spring and go see Arthur Brown. Where but there do you get original music, poetry, dance and a radiant female lead guitarist all in one set? Brown will have the good sense to retire before his time on stage expires, so run along and go see him, I know I will!

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