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Legendary, again!

Thu 12 Dec – Shed Seven, Mark Morriss

Those who know the Barras and Shed Seven needn’t read on. You know what you get when you combine the two.
Those who don’t, listen to See Youse At the Barras and you’ll get some idea.
I write this still buzzing from the unique energy loop that is characteristic of the Barrowland Ballroom. The crowds are mega and the bands know this too and bring their A game every time.
For a band who’ve not released (much) new material in over ten years, Shed Seven are in top form, kind of like the Inspiral Carpets, but with the original singer. And for them too, it doesn’t matter because the songs remain fresh and innovative.
I don’t know if there is a second generation of fans, but we’re young still, and compared to the “class of ’68”, so are they. So for them, as well as for others, I can’t wait to see youse at the Barras again!

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