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Tracklist for a Mike Portnoy solo album

Yesterday I got a retweet and responses to a tweet on the need for a Mike Portnoy album, the former even from the man himself!

So, here I present, my suggestion for already “pre-approved” tracks for “Heavy Metal Blue Beard Tattooed Jew”:

  1. Conquistador (Transatlantic)
  2. Fool in my heart (Flying Colors)
  3. Crazy Horses (w/ Neal Morse)
  4. Best of Times (Dream Theater)
  5. Repentance (Flying Colors version)
  6. Indiscipline (Transatlantic version)
  7. Money (Is Pure Evil) – BigElf
  8. Medley: Take The Time (Dream Theater) / “Growl” / ¬†You Never Give Me Your Money (Beatles) / Shine (Transatlantic)

And here is the petition to make the project happen: