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A long awaited return

Wed 5 Mar – Transatlantic

Although individually, most members of Transatlantic have visited Switzerland frequently since their last concert in 2010, this was the first time since then that they were here again (same venue even) as Transatlantic.
Unlike some who will not be mentioned, Transatlantic know how do a proper “an evening with” event. Counting everything, they provided 3 hours of prog bliss, playing Kaleidoscope (entire album), a Whirlwind medley, All of the Above and more. You can tell when Mike Portnoy has been let loose on a tour’s setlists.
The crowd may have been paying attention, but I was once again very frustrated by their overly reserved attitude. I was only giving it half a Barrowland attitude measure, but I felt out of place, as though I was the only one who knew the pieces, lyrics and at least some of the melodic parts. As if being a big fan was not popular in Switzerland. With a setlist as balanced as last night’s, yes you can keep going for three hours.
Maybe DF concerts should get them to Glasgow on the next tour. They’ve earned it.

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