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Up and close, thank goodness

Mon 28 Apr – The Flower Kings, Karmakanic

Whether it was because it was a Monday night or whether it was the absence of the crowd pulling power of Mike Portnoy, a much smaller than usual crowd assembled at the Z7 for an evening of excellent Swedish prog.

Karmakanic, Flower Kings bass player Jonas Reingold’s side project opened the evening in place of the sadly still out of action Daniel Gildenlow. They appeared in a lighter line-up (without Erikson, Jonsson or Agren) and played a good cross section of their original material. Felix and Roine, also from The Flower Kings joined them for a few songs.

After the set break, The Flower Kings played a near 2-hour set comprised of a setlist similar to their recent tours (Tower ONE, Numbers, early days medley, etc.) and rocked as always. It was another set that made me think that they should not be a second rate categorized prog band, but really among the top of modern melodic prog. Unlike other bands in the same sub-genre there is no wasted noodling or atmospheric belching, just solid suites of well written songs. It of course helps to have Hasse Froeberg as a superb counterweight to to Roine, but they’re just one major part of what makes the entire band a very relevant one.

So as usual, go see them and fill those venues, because the Z7 sure wasn’t. Neither it being Monday or there being no Portnoy should have counted. Those who support Mike should also logically support the bands he has promoted.

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