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Sun 1 Jun – The Rolling Stones, The Temperance Movement

Having known the Stones for almost all my life through my dad’s preferences for music from their heyday, and having seen them on the event of my dad’s birthday, I’m still not sure about the concert.
It’s definitely something to have seen. Despite them being old men in tights (h/t Liam Gallagher), their effortless performance of a greatest hits setlist lasting two full hours has to be seen to be believed. In spite of the great stage design and video inserts, I’m also not sure why the various versions of their current stage need to be so huge.
Last but not least, it is true that the smugness of charging an arm and a leg for even the worst tickets is not a friendly move, but then you never know how long they’ll still be touring for, so there may be no better time than now to go see them.

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