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Like a reunion

Fri 27 Jun – Motörhead, Gloria Volt

Gloria Volt, the support band, provided a great warm-up and restored my faith in Swiss rock. They are what Gotthard once were, a band devoted to rock. True, their music was as formulaic as Krokus‘ has become, but they made me a bit proud to hail from the same canton as a band that good.

Some time after 9pm, we finally got to hear that famous rumble of Lemmy’s bass again. And for once, even a Swiss crowd was able to come alive and show the band that they’re appreciated. True, this time we did have the extra incentive of being one of the only few make up gigs for the canceled Fall 2013 tour, but I guess it is also true that there is no sort of liking Motorhead. You’re all in or far away.

The setlist was the same as it has been all year, but the selections were top notch, so I certainly appreciated hearing an evolved setlist.

I must admit, I was thrown by the slower pace of many songs (Overkill was a bit underwhelming, for example), but the fact is that Lemmy looked healthy and he was here. Like the banner some fans made and threw on stage said “Thank you Lemmy, god of R’n’R from 1945 to eternity!”. Also thanks to Tim for wedging it into Lemmy’s cabinet.

Nitpick as I may be tempted to do, I have to conclude by saying sod it, I had a fantastic time, and I can’t wait for the next tour!

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