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David Icke: So What?!

In case you’re not familiar with David Icke, Google can tell you plenty. This article should still be here when you return. 😉

Having read and heard a good amount of David Icke’s theories about our reality, I am forced to ask: So what?! It’s one thing to state what’s wrong, but quite another to say what should be (whether he’s right or wrong is largely immaterial in this context). He succeeds in the former but fails in the latter.

What Icke seems to suggest as the answer to society’s ills seems to be the age old hippie philosophy of “if we all just love one another it will all be cosmic”. Bad news, Mr. Icke, that too is bollocks. Replacing one world order of unity through norming with another that centers around blind love isn’t helping matters, it’s merely another version of the same old bait and switch that our politicians are so well known for. Don’t decry religion wholesale by suggesting and by fiat establish a new age faith, speak reason buttressed by facts, for, as the educated know, you can have your own opinion, but not your own facts.

A revolution in consciousness, greater free speech, more diplomacy and liberty to all, sign me up, but please, just devote some time to suggesting how this might be accomplished. Dreams are great, but a man with a plan is far more powerful.