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The Stone Roses at Etihad Stadium, night 1

Having been to and enjoyed every post-reunion Stone Roses gig in England, I decided to continue my streak and go to Manchester for their four night run at Etihad Stadium. This is review one of four.

I definitely enjoyed that concert. While I stood some ways back, there were enough moments when I could tell that Ian was definitely more in tune than during past post-reunion gigs and that this was not a band only in it for the money. If anything, they enjoy reveling in their status and doing giant gigs because they can. If they only wanted money, they’d tour the world and play the records note for note. Instead what you have here is four great musicians exploring their work and bringing pleasure to thousands.

There were a good number of moments when they musically moved me by ever so slightly changing a few bars or inserting an extra few notes here and there, like a penalty goal in slow motion. I hope I wasn’t the only one to notice the new approach to Elizabeth My Dear, for example. Either way, as I’ve said before on Twitter, the genius of John Squire is in the details. You have to listen carefully to notice when he improvises or elaborates.

Instead of going with preconceived notions, trust that they’ll deliver something worthwhile and then listen with an open mind. I enjoyed it a lot more once I stopped anticipating note for note reproductions of records (if you want that sort of precision, don’t go to a gig).