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Heaton Park DVD petition?

Having sorted tickets and accommodation for next year’s run, I naturally had to feed my anticipation with that Fools Gold clip from Made of Stone. Only “I Wanna Be Adored” from the first night can top what I felt, but I can’t shake that nagging feeling that I may never get to see the rest of what was filmed at Heaton Park.

I know it would probably take a lot of money to process the remaining footage with as much love and care as those 13 minutes, but I reckon they’d have a bestseller on their hands if they released a Heaton Park DVD / Bluray / Live album.

Being that this is not a novel idea, I’m looking to find out if anyone’s tried this before. If not, I’d love to start something that would tell the band, their management and Shane Meadows / Warp Films that we want to see it all.

So I’d propose to also take the money factor out of the equation by promoting a effort where contributors upwards of a certain level would get a copy of at least the best of what was filmed.

Either way, see you in June!

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Top of the Pops at 50: should the BBC bring it back? (The Guardian)

Top of the Pops at 50: should the BBC bring it back? | Music | The Guardian.

Trust the Guardian to simultaneously ask a stupid question and shed light on an important issue.

In spite of all the crap the BBC aired on TOTP over the decades, there’s no denying that there were also some seminal performances and celebrations of miming on the show.

Just because the charts are full of crap these days doesn’t mean there’s no show. The solution to the “not enough material” “issue” is easy. How about starting with spotlight episodes on Welsh and Wales influenced artists?

This could be another perfect UK institution for BBC Cymru Wales to resurrect. I’m sure Russel T. Davies has some talents in the musical area as well.

The BBC seems to be lusting after FOX lately (well, for up to 25 years actually) with the way they’ve been abandoning quality products (including buildings), so Mr. Paphides’ question is indeed a rhetorical one.

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Golove strikes again

I’ve been getting into experimental music and Krautrock recently, so “High Voltage!” seemed like a fitting compilation to point me in some new directions.

On that playlist I found Telstar, the true beginning of the British invasion. Not until I heard it did I remember how long it had been since I last heard it and how much I loved that song. It was there I realized that Golove had struck again.

Many years ago, probably ten years ago now, I took one of the most important courses of my college career, Rock Music, taught by Professor Golove. Over the course of a semester, he introduced me and the 100+ other students to a plethora of music genres, artists and influential songs. Every now and then, I come across some artist or song and remember that I’ve known it for many years, often thanks to that class. I was into music beforehand, but I still learned a ton. So even if you’re a music geek, do it for listening to Megadeth in the pursuit of academia! And if classical music is your only muse, remember, many famous musicians didn’t know the style that would make them famous until they branched out.

So undergrads, UB students and prospective UB students, if there ever was a class you had to pick a particular university for, MUS 265 is it! And if that’s not enough, there’s always Dr. Colon’s Anal Chemistry.

Success won’t find you regardless of your efforts, it will find you because of them. So if you’re willing to apply yourself outside the classroom too, I can still only recommend my dear Alma Mater.

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The Sabbath tragedy, or, I’m with Bill

I definitely do not regret what I said about Sharon Osbourne (born Arden) now. I blame her and her “business acumen” for this latest episode in the travesty that is the Black Sabbath “reunion”.

As a drummer, I will have to stand with Bill Ward. One drummer is not like the other, just like one singer is not like the other. I will not buy any present day merchandise, not go to concerts where the other three play and certainly not buy the album when it comes out.

The other three should play as The Paranoid. There is no Black Sabbath without Bill Ward!!

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Beady Eye cancel Zurich gig

Beady Eye | Good News.

I just got back from there. (See my updates on twitter). They played 5 songs and Liam left before the last one finished.

That was classic Liam. Typical tame Swiss crowd, venue not sold out (but plenty of fans) and it seems he wasn’t having any of that. Liam did not loose his voice, more like his bottle!

Promoter came on and said they might do a make up gig. Not holding my breath though.

Got a setlist and a guitar pick at least. But what a let down…

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Faceless ‘aliens’ spotted in crowd at Wimbledon (Daily Mail)

Faceless ‘aliens’ spotted in crowd at Wimbledon | Mail Online

Someone summon Dr Who… 🙂

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Friday Fun: Mac Desktop Music Video

Friday Fun: Mac Desktop Music Video

A really well done video, a sort of Time for the naughties.

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Darth Vader on Acid (FUNNBEE)

FUNNBEE v.2: Darth Vader on Acid

Now this is art even I can enjoy, i.e. art with merit.