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Shot while breaking the law? Tough luck!

The following is the newest letter to The Spectrum which will probably not be published. It is a response to this silly piece. But oh dear, I actually too the time to write something entertaining and thought out (compared to this “letter”)!

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Dan Mecca’s column in your October 29 issue.

I believe Mr. Mecca should teach a master class on how to discuss feelings with criminals while under duress as he seems to be an expert on that matter.

I doubt that if a gun wielding meth addict were to threaten him and his (hypothetical) family, he would offer the offender some tea and cake and try to sit down with him to discuss his feelings. Seeing as he seems to favor being a victim, I suppose he would happily volunteer himself and his family to be executed on the spot, but that too would be a silly thing.

The whole idea behind the castle doctrine (the law passed in Florida and elsewhere) is that you should not be punished for self defense. Most sane individuals consider it very counter intuitive to be forced by law to be a victim of a crime when such a situation could be avoided very easily. Granted, avoidable deaths are sad, but many mistakes do not go unpunished.

Contrary to Mr. Mecca’s mistaken illusions, it is the criminal’s fault if he gets shot while committing a crime. It is he who should be concerned about what his actions will effect in the lives of those he cares about. Just like you can’t jump off a 20 story building and expect to survive, it is reckless to expect to not suffer for committing a crime.

It would be very funny to see a victim celebrate his family’s death with the person who just caused those deaths, but as always, reality just isn’t that ideal. Until teleportation becomes a viable form of transport for law enforcement, I’d rather not trust that they’ll appear out of thin air to save the day the moment a criminal breaks into my house. I’d much rather break out my gun and show the perp that in my house led poisoning does not come from the paint on the walls.

There’s a nice sign you can use if you wanna make the above common sense approach more formal. It simply reads: “No Trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.” If you can’t understand that you certainly deserve to get shot.

CWQTPY Featured Letters News Politics Spectrum reject

A Spectrum of sheep

Below is another attempt of setting my school’s student newspaper’s editors straight on a few things. But oh no, I criticized the administration without being a hippie communist shouting obscenities outside a building… I guess that explains why this is yet another quality letter rejected in favor of some infantile idiot’s drivel.

To the editor:

This letter is in response to your article and editorial on SA’s alleged inattention to students’ schedules.

I think students need to first be reminded of what an awesome deal they get with their student association. For only just under $80 per semester, each student gets many free movies, at least one festival and several smaller concerts, prominent speakers, club events, and so much more! Even if you only go to a few movies and a fest, you already have received great value for your money. I bet if you went to, say, Ozzfest and half a dozen movies off campus you’d be paying more than $80.

Having said that, I think the Spectrum should state the inconvenient truth (pun intended) of the matter. It is the UB administration that is to blame for these scheduling conflicts. Their refusal to construct several new badly needed and actually useful buildings has left schools and departments with no other choice but to schedule classes in inconvenient locations at inconvenient times. Don’t blame the SA President for not ruining his career by pursuing this matter to the utmost of his ability.

Instead of finally building the Lee Road extension, for example, the School of Management constructs a building that almost no one uses if they don’t have to (relative to Lockwood Memorial Library, for example), they put up silly artsy pots on an unnecessarily renovated founders’ plaza, they renovate parts of buildings, all conveniently located to entice the exploited of the future, they spend lots of cash on talking rubbish and placating their cash cows with gifts.

Isn’t it funny that most changes are conveniently located in or around Capen Hall? Also, isn’t it funny that the kings of UB care more about Buddhism than about their students? Why is it that at least one Rabbi and a Priest spend so many more hours with students than the allegedly ever so caring administration? Granted, a man of God is supposed to do that, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind an environment more suited to quiet study and reflection more often as well.

Getting on with building something other than housing at some remote time in the future will be very profitable, and probably a lot sooner too. Why not quit squabbling with Amherst residents over who gets to cash in on student housing first and build something on land that UB already owns? I’m sure First Amherst has had to turn businesses away because there wasn’t enough space left in the Commons. So why not build the second batch of the most profitable commercial real estate in WNY now and not lease it to a private corporation?

Eventually, campus will be too crowded, and the main source of income for the window dressers atop the Capen libraries will dry out. A premier institution respects and honors its students, Mr. President!

CWQTPY Featured Letters News Politics Spectrum reject

Elementary education for editors

Here’s a letter to The Spectrum from earlier this month that “didn’t make it”. This one was a response to one of their commie greenhorns blasting the President.

To the editor:

This is in response to Joshua Boston’s editorial in your October 8 issue.

As President Reagan famously said over a quarter century ago, there you go again. You look for some silly little problem and then blame all the bad things in the world on President Bush. We get it, liberals, if it weren’t for President Bush we’d all be millionaires, lahdeeda…

Last year, Democrats promised to not only end pork barrel spending but also to end the war in Iraq. To date, they have done the exact opposite. Rep. Murtha and his friends have been stealing more money for their districts than ever and despite all the moaning they have done about how much they want to see our armed forces humiliated, they have continued to increase funding for the war.

Get this into your thick skulls: Congress is guilty! Why do you think President Bush has a better approval rating than Congress? It’s because Congress has done far more to waste our money than the President has.

As for the President being the “destroyer”, that’s the pot calling the kettle black. In the relatively short time that President Bush has been in office, he has done quite well to undo some of the massive damage you liberals have been doing to our country for the past century.

If you want a true destroyer, look at Karl Marx, or if you prefer a living one (but one who is a murderer too), take Senator Ted Kennedy. That wheezing pile of communist excrement has done far more to hurt Americans than President Bush has ever had the chance to.

As for your little bridge, you have several layers of officials below the President who are supposed to take care of that. Seeing as you seem to like the federal level, you may want to contact Congressman Reynolds. As the bridge is in his district and he has prided himself in bringing money here from Washington, I’m sure he would look into taking care of that sore spot on his otherwise flawless record. But do try to be mature… A kind word in his mailbox will go a lot further than something scooped out of the toilet paper made by the Communist Party.

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Idol worship is still not a good use of resources (Spectrum reject)

The Spectrum has once again decided not to publish a letter of mine. It seems like I can still write letters too controversial for their feeble liberal minds.

To the editor:

This is in response to Mr Roach’s letter in the 9/22 issue of The Spectrum.

While Mr. Black’s letter (September 20 issue of The Spectrum) may have contained a few factual errors, Mr Black was spot on in terms of the general idea he was seeking to express.

The whole hubbub surrounding the Dalai Lama was indeed akin to promoting a foreign religion, an activity which, as there is no separation of church and state in the United States constitution, was not objectionable in itself, but that became offensive when UB decided to bequeath the adored monk with a godlike status. This, as Mr. Black correctly alluded to, is a very strange thing to do for an otherwise fiercely secular institution (apart from the elevated status given only to Jewish holidays).

What bothers me personally is that people who would call for the head of anyone proposing that portraits of Jesus Christ be hung from several buildings, even though He is recognized as the savior a majority of Americans, have no problem worshiping a false idol. UB did not stand still in the days after the worst attack on our soil in decades, only cancels classes when the town of Amherst imposes a driving ban, confiscates copies of student publications before potential income floods the campus, employs faculty with openly communist philosophies of living and confines Christians to inconspicuous places, yet it will bring everything to a screeching halt and make sure every last warm body on campus sees “the human face of peace” at least on paper but preferably everywhere they look as soon as his blandness feels like getting some more free PR.

If the Dalai Lama was true to his word and would humbly decline being called “holy” and would have something new to say, all the hubbub would be minutely justified, but he evidently does not. All this pagan idol had to say were soothing generalities that in one form or another have been around for millennia. Not even his packaging of some nearly meaningless phrases was original.

When President Clinton came to campus, at a time when his wife wasn’t aiming for the White House just yet, he made a half way decent speech, but there were no ceremonies, no huge banners, no patriotic celebrations, only rows of uncomfortable seats at Alumni Arena and no decent makeup for a leader loved by many (fortunately more figuratively than literally by most).

This difference told me more about prevailing opinions at UB than many other obvious symptoms. When a modern day Tibetan hippie is given a hurricane of blind adoration but the most recent retired leader of the free world is given nothing more than a cold cup of tea, something is indeed very wrong, and no, it’s not me.

The blind adoration of a peace freak is not a noteworthy milestone, it’s UB’s contribution to the destruction of the west.

If the powers that be were really interested in education, Pope Benedict XVI with Patrick J Buchanan as a supporting act would be appearing before being given leeway to teach the youth of today what their values should be. Congratulations for finding yet another way to waste our money while assaulting our dignity!

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On existing racism

Sickeningly liberal until the end… Even with the end of another semester approaching, the liberals at The Spectrum, my university’s student newspaper didn’t have the courtesy to publish my letter. So here it is, warts and all:

To the editor:

This letter is in regards to your coverage of SA Preisdent Hussain’s misunderstood remarks.

I will skip past the fact that practically everyone who criticized Hussain was more out of line than he was and that much money could have been saved on fresh undergarments and get straight to the point.

Why is it that comedians on BET and Comedy Central can make racist jokes directed at every race at any time of the day and get lots of money for having such opinions, and an incoming student executive is told he’s lucky to have all his organs intact just because he made two politically incorrect jokes?

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Labor activists want higher tuition

It’s that time again. Another letter of mine not printed in my university’s student newspaper in favor of some simpleton’s unstructured rant. Take a look at this somewhat balanced editorial for more info.

Anyways, here is the reply my favorite cabal of liberals decided was to good for their paper:

To the editor:

This letter is in regards to the Spectrum’s coverage of the UB Students Against Sweatshops group’s activities.

I would normally leave groups like the UBSAS to be publicly ridiculed by the collective laughter of all who are entertained by the UBSAS’ youthful temper tantrums and socialist propaganda, but the seemingly endless lines of nonsense printed as of late have compelled me to write this letter.

I have come to the conclusion that the true agenda, the one that is so hidden not even the UBSAS members seem to be aware of it, is to raise tuition. That’s right, your friendly communists want you to give more money away to the state.

Now before you fire off a missive in response, let me explain: In short, higher wages mean higher fees for all students and higher prices for all consumers. UB has already done what any company interested in long term survival will do: It has passed the increased cost of labor on to the consumer. Yes, janitors may get paid more, but the increase is coming out of our pockets.

Another myth ascribed to our dear janitors is that they “deserve” more money because they work hard and well. While many of them do take their work seriously and care about their work, many don’t. Too many times have I seen overflowing garbage cans, overflowing toilets, empty towel dispensers, non-remedied vandalism and other shortcomings.

The only thing janitors as a whole truly deserve is therefore what they usually get, a basic wage. Unfortunately for UBSAS, too many people still believe in just compensation.

If anything, the well performing janitors should root out the lazy ones in their midst. Pointless shouting has never brought about long term benefits. There is a reason why madmen don’t remain in power for too long.