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US Appeals to “Law of the Jungle” in MH17 Case (Land Destroyer)

The abject failure of the United States to once again put forth credible evidence amid a firestorm of propaganda and rush to judgement – and subsequent action – echoes the attempted rush to war after NATO-member Turkey and Saudi Arabia assisted terrorists from the Syrian Al Qaeda franchise, Al Nusra, in carrying out a false-flag sarin gas attack in Damascus in August 2013. It also echoes the fallacious, fabricated evidence peddled before the United Nations regarding Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” that in fact did not exist – but led to the invasion and nearly decade-long occupation of Iraq and over a million dead.

via Land Destroyer: US Appeals to “Law of the Jungle” in MH17 Case.

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A tale of two worlds

In the wake of the MH17 tragedy, the awake amongst us have once again been able to contrast Russia’s mature, statesman-like and simply rational response with the West’s childish name calling, lying, slander and propaganda consisting of fabrications.

Compare their fantasies with Russia’s detailed, illustrated and bilingual presentation. No sane person presented with both sides would side with the West. Unfortunately, most voters cannot deal with the slander bombing undertaken by Western media (and they in turn dare not report truth or on reality) and thereby acquiesce and simply parrot the fiction spread by “their” media.

I am not Russian nor brainwashed by the FSB or RT and RIA Novosti. I am informed.

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Russia is not the enemy

In the unfolding conflict in the Ukraine, I have for the first time been forced to rely on Russia Today for balanced and truthful information. While RT usually is mainly useful for the sort of background information you’d only find on the Internet away from mainstream outlets, they are now proving to be an invaluable source of insight into what is happening, as opposed to what the EU and the USA want you to think is happening.

While I am well aware of RT’s allegiance to the Kremlin (heck, Eduard Shevardnadze’s granddaughter is one of their figureheads), they are nowhere as loyal as the allegedly free media out here are to the official storytellers of “the west”. Even if you filter out their storybook portrayal of Russian officials, you’re still left with more balanced information.

Take this piece of NWO propaganda, for example, or this “analysis”, also from the allegedly unbiased BBC:

  • The BBC keeps referring to “Pro-Russian separatists” to imply that somehow those residents active in the eastern Ukraine are somehow Kremlin loyalists and not patriotic Ukranians.
  • The same article, in line with guidelines for Western media, calls the junta in Kiev “the central government”, refusing to ever mention that they are illegitimate and to a great extent made up of neo-fascists the Russian media refers to as “Neo-Nazis”, either way right wing extremists who are doing the EU’s bidding by fighting against the Ukraine’s own interests.
  • The “analysis” states: “Some 40,000 Russian troops remain massed on Ukraine’s border. Military drills are under way.” While that may be true, it never mentions the US troops present in Poland and NATO troops also present in the region, both doing the exact same thing they claim Russia is wrong to do. Even if that were so, at least they’d be Russian troops massing on Russian soil, not American and western European troops massing just west of the Ukraine.

This crisis has highlighted western hypocrisy like I’ve rarely seen before. John Kerry has been the worst. The man who once prided himself on having led protests against the Vietnam war, now beats the drums of war against Russia, disingenuously claiming that what the US does never constitutes invasion or conquest. What are Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya if not nations conquered by US forces? The only reason we can’t call those three annexations is because they don’t share land borders with the contiguous 48 states.

Say what you will about the Russian government, but remember that the oligarchy that calls itself the US government and which already over half of Americans realize does not represent them, commits vastly more crimes outside its borders all the time than Russia may have when they invited the Crimean peninsula to join their federation.

The only reason why the US and the EU installed a puppet junta in Kiev in the first place is the prize they’ve got their eyes on now: natural resources in the eastern Ukraine. Just as in every major conflict of the recent past, it’s about oil, drugs and minerals.

No one side is innocent in this conflict, but the allegedly impartial European and American media are certainly guilty of hiding the truth and disseminating the propaganda written for them by the western oligarchy.

Once again, the blending of “their” version and “our version” results in the truth. Dare to consume foreign media if you’re strong enough!

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“Third Gender” Option to Become Available on German Birth Certificates (SPIEGEL)

Third Gender Option to Become Available on German Birth Certificates – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Yes, let’s ignore facts and nature and millennia of history and spazz out…

This is just the latest insanity from a so-called “modern society”. They’d better remediate all their horoscopes as well to add the Derry and Toms and Basil star signs right away.

How anyone can be so ignorant to deny that gender is defined by genitalia and that there obviously is no third kind and still be certified as sane is beyond me. In fact, pretty soon you may find saner people in insane asylums than outside.

Hormone imbalances are undesirable medical conditions. If they had any sense of logic those aliens would be organizing “Catch the latest disease! Pneumonia now in stock!” cruises. No wonder AIDS is still around…

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Norwegian woman fighting jail sentence in Dubai for reporting rape – World News

Norwegian woman fighting jail sentence in Dubai for reporting rape – World News.

Another case where some libertarianism would be beneficial. Irrespective of whether European law is superior or not, who are they to tell the rulers of the emirates how to organize their societies?

Evidently their adherence to Islamic law has not hindered the development of a thriving haven for foreign businesses in Dubai. So why should they let outsiders dictate their laws?

I’m constantly surprised when people complain about being treated “unfairly” in Arab nations. There is no excuse not to know about Islamic law when traveling there and therefore no right to complain if you run afoul of it.

As long as the proponents of Islamic law keep it confined to their own nations and thereby out of Europe and nations founded on European culture, they should be free to live life as they see fit. Cruel as it may seem, that approach works best. The meddling of Western powers in the last few decades has proven this over and over.

As long as no one forces you to travel to such nations and be violated at gunpoint, you have no right to complain. Again, there are far more important things to worry about right here at home!

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Read this first

Seeing as how even old horses like the Stones and The Who still have newbies at events, here’s a few key points about the wire:

  • Don’t take things literally. Seriously, I will not be held responsible.
  • There’s plenty of opinion here, but also pitch black humor, satire and deep thoughts.
  • Sometimes if you don’t “get it”, I probably didn’t intend for that to happen. No hard feelings.
  • If I tried to explain, we’d still be here in the afterlife.

N.B: The serious, business stuff is elsewhere.

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Homeland Security To Have Immigrant Exit Tracking System Ready Within ‘Weeks’ (CBS DC)

Homeland Security To Have Immigrant Exit Tracking System Ready Within ‘Weeks’ « CBS DC.

Once again the DHS conveniently forgets that being illegally within the US itself is a crime. Every illegal is a criminal by definition!

And I’ll say it again: If you can afford to have your troops all over the globe and actively fight several wars at the same time, whether overtly or covertly, you can deport all illegals. If the federal government did what its job was, they would seal all borders within months and be rounding up those millions and deporting them by the train load. Mandate the end of violating citizens’ rights by the end of the deportation process and I’m sure you’ll be forgiven for doing your job for a change and coming down hard on the invaders.

As for those who gained US citizenship illegitimately, process those afterwards. Naturalization as an adult or one US citizen parent at birth should be the absolute minimum.

Don’t make it two US citizen parents yet or you’ll have to deport your commander in chief too. 😉

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Air Canada ordered to pay $12K to man who couldn’t order 7Up in French (NP)

Air Canada ordered to pay $12K to man who couldn’t order 7Up in French | Posted | National Post.

What a douche… 7up is another manufacturer’s Sprite. Most airlines will carry either. On that count, the Franco-Canadian should have paid a penalty for wasting the airline’s time.

In other cases he might have a point. But seriously, I hate time wasters of his kind. Those petty minded idiots who have nothing better to do than go and bother hard working people should never be rewarded by any authority, except maybe win a grant to get a prison sentence enhanced by a better TV set.

On that note, Ottawa, just let Quebec secede already. Just imagine how much money becoming a monolingual country will save in the long run. Make de facto reality de jure already!

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Increase in Muslim Moochers across the West

Increase in Muslim Moochers across the West

And European governments dare to complain when financially hard times hit. Recovery is simple: stop supporting moochers. If they cause you trouble, offer to deport them back to the hellholes they came from.

(h/t Libertarian Republican.)

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Make Voting a Privilege!

How Ignorant Are Americans? – Newsweek.

Today’s ORLY?! award goes to Newsweek. Their findings are older than a mold that’s developed a rudimentary form of intelligence. Oh, and Mr. Romano gets to wear the Captain Obvious hat this week.

To make their survey less embarassing they should send the list of those who failed to the State Department so they can mark them down as guaranteed Democrat voters for 2012.

Voting should be like driving. If you’re not old enough, too old or can’t pass a test every few years, you should not be allowed near a ballot box. Similarly, if on election day you can’t pass a random major lapse in judgement screening by correctly answering a new series of questions, you should immediately have your right to vote revoked for a period of at least one day but longer if a judge deems it appropriate.

And yes, I am being serious. Just like unqualified drivers kill people, so do unqualified and thereby ideally ineligible voters. Voting should always be a privilege, not a right. Or would you entrust a junkie with your child’s well being? If you’re too dumb to even have a basic knowledge of your own government, you deserve to have your sovereignty confiscated.

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Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed (Reuters)

Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed | Reuters.

And today’s ORLY?! award goes to Chancellor Merkel. Vastly different cultures aren’t meant to live in the same area. That’s why we have different countries and different systems of government.

Let’s hope this is indeed a part of a larger awakening in Germany and that they are indeed waking up to the fact that muslims and other cultural invaders cannot exist in a well ordered German society.

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U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff – Bloomberg

U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff – Bloomberg.

Today’s “oh really?!” article. A soon as China stops playing ball the house of cards that is the US federal government will collapse.