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Imaginary Phobias

The media and socialists everywhere like to accuse people with values of all sorts of phobias these days, with “Islamophobia” and “Homophobia” being just two of the most popular.

As I, unlike them, actually know what the word phobia means, feel I should point out that all their shouting is a mere expression of their cowardice and furthermore an admission of repressed guilt. If you need details, actually read Ann Coulter’s books from start to finish before talking. She’s funnier than Rosie O’Donnell before breakfast.

Just because some of us subscribe to Christian values does not automatically make us afraid of homosexuals or muslims (rationally or irrationally). All it means is that there are people who disagree with what certain members of those two groups stand for, period. And if it wasn’t for the immature and the mainstream media, their very own echo chamber, that would be it.

But because it’s sexy to claim that Islam means peace (it means submission) and to throw yourself at Christians and force them to abdicate their beliefs, that somehow makes it a grave offence to not participate in their grand illusion.

Disagreement is not the same as fear. If it were, how on earth could deputy PM Clegg disagree with the PM on surveillance policy? Granted, he probably doesn’t really, but if he were honest and not some left-wing B’stard, that example would stand.

It is insulting to intelligent people to prevent debate on important issues. What western society needs is not “respect” and “tolerance”, but vigorous debate and education from multiple points of view. Understanding grows from seeking information, not from mindless subservience to vacuous words.

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Proof that Ukraine conflict is about natural resources

For weeks if not months, the enlightened observers of the Ukraine conflict, including myself for some time, have been pointing to the causus belli of the supposed “conflict between Kiev and Moscow” in Ukraine: natural resources, or in other words, the hydrocarbon basins located below East Ukraine and the Crimean Republic.

The Dnieper-Donets and Azov-Kuban hydrocarbon basins essentially cover much of east and south Ukraine as well as the Crimean peninsula, as this USGS report proves.

The rest of the puzzle, as of today, is a doddle, as Del Boy would say: The main licensee of those basins is Burisma Holdings, whose board has appointed none other than United States Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, as director.

The US oligarchs thought they had the situation under control after their “Nazi” puppets seized power earlier this year. Then the Crimeans pre-empted the realization of their control by leaving Ukraine for Russia. Now they really had to up the pressure to keep Donetsk and Luhansk from doing likewise, so they sent CIA director Brennan over to personally green light the fratricide we’ve been witnessing for the past few weeks.

While it is true that given their historical background, the entire eastern half of Ukraine has a greater tendency to feel a greater connection to Russia than to the EU, this is all mostly a grievance cleverly exploited by “the West”. Poland is under EU, US, IMF, etc. control, so if the Lviv region wanted to join Poland, for example, there would be no problem whatsoever.

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Russia is not the enemy

In the unfolding conflict in the Ukraine, I have for the first time been forced to rely on Russia Today for balanced and truthful information. While RT usually is mainly useful for the sort of background information you’d only find on the Internet away from mainstream outlets, they are now proving to be an invaluable source of insight into what is happening, as opposed to what the EU and the USA want you to think is happening.

While I am well aware of RT’s allegiance to the Kremlin (heck, Eduard Shevardnadze’s granddaughter is one of their figureheads), they are nowhere as loyal as the allegedly free media out here are to the official storytellers of “the west”. Even if you filter out their storybook portrayal of Russian officials, you’re still left with more balanced information.

Take this piece of NWO propaganda, for example, or this “analysis”, also from the allegedly unbiased BBC:

  • The BBC keeps referring to “Pro-Russian separatists” to imply that somehow those residents active in the eastern Ukraine are somehow Kremlin loyalists and not patriotic Ukranians.
  • The same article, in line with guidelines for Western media, calls the junta in Kiev “the central government”, refusing to ever mention that they are illegitimate and to a great extent made up of neo-fascists the Russian media refers to as “Neo-Nazis”, either way right wing extremists who are doing the EU’s bidding by fighting against the Ukraine’s own interests.
  • The “analysis” states: “Some 40,000 Russian troops remain massed on Ukraine’s border. Military drills are under way.” While that may be true, it never mentions the US troops present in Poland and NATO troops also present in the region, both doing the exact same thing they claim Russia is wrong to do. Even if that were so, at least they’d be Russian troops massing on Russian soil, not American and western European troops massing just west of the Ukraine.

This crisis has highlighted western hypocrisy like I’ve rarely seen before. John Kerry has been the worst. The man who once prided himself on having led protests against the Vietnam war, now beats the drums of war against Russia, disingenuously claiming that what the US does never constitutes invasion or conquest. What are Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya if not nations conquered by US forces? The only reason we can’t call those three annexations is because they don’t share land borders with the contiguous 48 states.

Say what you will about the Russian government, but remember that the oligarchy that calls itself the US government and which already over half of Americans realize does not represent them, commits vastly more crimes outside its borders all the time than Russia may have when they invited the Crimean peninsula to join their federation.

The only reason why the US and the EU installed a puppet junta in Kiev in the first place is the prize they’ve got their eyes on now: natural resources in the eastern Ukraine. Just as in every major conflict of the recent past, it’s about oil, drugs and minerals.

No one side is innocent in this conflict, but the allegedly impartial European and American media are certainly guilty of hiding the truth and disseminating the propaganda written for them by the western oligarchy.

Once again, the blending of “their” version and “our version” results in the truth. Dare to consume foreign media if you’re strong enough!

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Boston: martial law testing lab

Quite apart from its hegelian aspects, the bombing at the Boston marathon last year started the transformation of the greater Boston area into what I’d term a martial law testing facility. Already in the aftermath of the event last year, residents got to experience a DHS and militarized police orchestrated lockdown. Now we’re seeing the use of a smart grid surveillance system and further conditioning of people to accept overbearing authority.

Just like security checkpoints were once confined to airports and then expanded to ports and roads, this year’s marathon sees yet another increase in the use of false security on the form of checkpoints for both participants and spectators. Quite apart from the fact that terrorists wouldn’t bother to strike twice in the same place, having such all encompassing security is not a manifestation of “Boston strong”. “Boston strong” would be to hold the event without pretending that the sky was about to fall.

Realize that both the premise and the conclusion are wrong in this instance. The DHS has not prevented terrorist attacks which would not have happened in the first place had it not been for the disastrous US foreign policy of the last 50 years (at least) and unless they’re stopped, they will be ratcheting up the mistreatment of ordinary citizens until they can’t live without some form of federal dictatorship permit any longer.

The Boston marathon should be about athletic achievements, about being able to run where otherwise you couldn’t. Boston would be strong if its citizens refused to continue to be abused as a DHS sandbox.

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Is ‘moderate Islam’ an oxymoron?

Is ‘moderate Islam’ an oxymoron?.

tl;dr : Yes, it is.

The author does a great job of elaborating on a theory I’ve held to be true for quite some time. If any degrees in a religion exist, and this seems to be especially true for Islam, they are very much a question of whether one follows a religion and therefore belongs to it or whether one simply wears a label without following a religion.

Mind you, the same also applies in Christianity where many false prophets with many sheeple ruin the good name of Jesus, but that’s a whole lot more complex.

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Another puppy protest

Reddit, Mozilla, rights groups to protest online snooping in memory of Aaron Swartz — RT News.

Whenever leftie groups start efforts as cute as that one, I can’t help but think of peacenik Rimmer.

Don’t get me wrong, something ought to be done, but what those puppy protesters need to learn is that governments don’t care about us. Cruel but true.

All such puppy protests accomplish is to motivate governments to rebrand their efforts and do a better job of hiding them, sort of like thieves have to necessarily perfect or revise their methods whenever law enforcement catches on.

The question is, as it has been for ages, who’s holding the gun? Right or wrong don’t matter when (deadly) force is on your side.

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Senator Rand Paul and window dressing

(US) Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has made a name for himself in part by calling for an audit of the “federal reserve” (which in truth is neither federal nor possesses any reserves whatsoever). As noble as his goals may be, please take care not to be sucked into his game.

Even if the Senator succeeds in getting an official audit off the ground, which is already very unlikely, sort of like his father ever becoming President, remember how terrible a record the US government has on so-called official investigations.

Be it the JFK assassination, Iran Contra or 9/11, no US government investigation of the past 60 years at the very least has ever been interested in uncovering truth. On the contrary, all of them did everything they could to write fictional history and bury truth beyond the reach of any law or ordinary citizen.

Always remember that first and foremost, politicians are, in the words of Lemmy, “lying and thieving bastards”!

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The UN Says the Ukrainian People Must Decide their Fate, NATO Wants Something Else | Global Research

“One can only wonder how many of the “demonstrators” in Kiev were spontaneously and authentically opposed to Yanukevich’s government.”

via The UN Says the Ukrainian People Must Decide their Fate, NATO Wants Something Else | Global Research.

I called this weeks ago. Now it becomes clearer what is actually at stake. I think it’s a good rule to especially ask why when people behave as illogically as those allegedly in favor of EU extortion in the Ukraine.

It is only because of such NATO / US “government” idiocy that I’ve become a supporter of President Putin and his policies. His conduct is that becoming of a true statesman, gentleman and adult. I can see how of course he is part of the same dialectic as “the west”, but at least he is a much greater pleasure to witness in action than “the west”.

Let us hope that we the awake can grow our numbers this year. There’s nothing worse than a closed and diseased mind.

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German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA (Comment is free, the Guardian)

German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA | Kai Biermann | Comment is free |

A useful reminder from an otherwise despicable rag. “Your” government isn’t any better just because it claims to despise what the NSA is doing. They’re most likely just as guilty.

In the case of the BND / Germany this was easy to spot when the talk of “secure e-mail” came up. Only someone with no idea of how the Internet works could be so naive as to think that you can keep anything from the NSA / GCHQ just by repatriating your e-mail servers.

It’s a con, people. No government is seriously interested in granting you privacy, especially not if they claim the opposite.

Pessimistic? Maybe, but I doubt it.

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“Third Gender” Option to Become Available on German Birth Certificates (SPIEGEL)

Third Gender Option to Become Available on German Birth Certificates – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Yes, let’s ignore facts and nature and millennia of history and spazz out…

This is just the latest insanity from a so-called “modern society”. They’d better remediate all their horoscopes as well to add the Derry and Toms and Basil star signs right away.

How anyone can be so ignorant to deny that gender is defined by genitalia and that there obviously is no third kind and still be certified as sane is beyond me. In fact, pretty soon you may find saner people in insane asylums than outside.

Hormone imbalances are undesirable medical conditions. If they had any sense of logic those aliens would be organizing “Catch the latest disease! Pneumonia now in stock!” cruises. No wonder AIDS is still around…

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Draft for women – equal rights, equal duty

Think women exempt from draft? Think again.

Unlike the previous gender mixing efforts, this possible gender related change is a positive one.

For years I’ve been hearing women wanting equal rights. Now finally the consequences may be brought to bear. Equal rights should, in society as they do in nature, come with equal responsibilities. Until women’s rights groups and feminists acknowledge that due to the biological differences between men and women they can never be truly equal and that thus rights and duties ought to differ, forced equalizers such as the idea of a gender neutral draft are necessary.

And while we’re on equality, by the way, this should next be extended to racism. If racism really is evil, the NAACP, the Congressional black caucus and La Raza should be declared illegal. Either all race based benefits are racist or none are. The very idea that “minorities” can have racist associations due to some long gone discrepancy does not mean that they can now be granted exclusive benefits. Reverse racism is still racism. Equality means to be color blind, not to favor one color over another.

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Get government out of marriage (and OTM unions)!

So now that the US Supreme Court has opened the flood gates to any kind of union having to be recognized, I think it’s time government got out of the marriage and Other Than Marriage union business altogether. If they’re so hellbent on destroying marriage, they should welcome the logical step and quit meddling entirely.

In the end it’s all about money and privilege, so let’s remove those incentives and institute the most crude but also most fair to any pervert and FUBAR’d moron: Relationships with benefits registers, supported by government. Kind of like LLCs, but usually with fewer people involved. And just like there are LLCs for all sorts of services and purposes, the RLLCs would also be for different services and purposes.

If it’s really about “discrimination”, “equality” and all that other marxist rubbish, let’s no longer suppress polygamists, zoophiles, pedophiles and technophiles. Who are you to forbid them to “marry” as many people, animals or things as they want?

And if you, dear “tolerant people”, think pedophilia and zoophilia is wrong, for one who are you to judge, and for another, welcome to my world, I can’t condone repulsive behavior either.

EDIT: What I’m saying is: Let’s quit arguing and end this silly conflict! Liberalism is a mental disorder, so just like there’s no telling a paranoid person they’re not under constant threat, there’s no point in trying to explain to those morons what marriage is. This debate is a distraction from far more important things! There’s a man behind the curtain and he doesn’t like you one bit!

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Britain Braced For Anti-Muslim Backlash after Woolwich Beheading (IBTimes UK)

Britain Braced For Anti-Muslim Backlash after Woolwich Beheading – IBTimes UK.

Wow, I think it’s more a case of free speech being under attack, more than Muslim “suffering”.

That people could get arrested for “racist” tweets is scary. Unless they’re actively working to commit violence, it should be those authorising the arrests that should do time for wasting taxpayers’ money.

No wonder the EDL and the UKIP are growing…

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Stockholm paralysed by cowardly officials

Stockholm rioting continues for fifth night | World news |

Seems Stockholm police have never heard of “Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.”

I hope no one is surprised that the riots are continuing. If you pussyfoot around like that and let those ungrateful morons get away with it, you’re asking for more.

If I were mayor of Stockholm I’d deploy riot squads after the first incident and the national guard in combat ready mode after the second. If they still didn’t get it I’d use even greater force.

Those foreigners have to be shown that in Western Europe we don’t tolerate such insolence. Or at least those of us still capable of thinking for ourselves don’t…

If those morons don’t like “anti-foreigner” policies and attitudes they alone are at fault!

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Germany wants new debate on EU constitution: minister | Reuters

Germany wants new debate on EU constitution: minister | Reuters.

Wow, once again, a German government official talking about consolidating power… Wow. If I didn’t know better I’d mention the Reichstag, but that horse died ages ago.

What we have here is another go at presenting a pre-fabricated answer to a manufactured crisis. The question they’re really asking isn’t how do we solve this crisis, it’s how do we get those pesky wanna-be sovereign citizens to shut up so we can have our USE.

What the EU needs is to dissolve. Independence, sovereignty and neutrality work. Just ask Switzerland. Sure, wealth creates safety, but safety also invites wealth. And it’s too small to help out all its neighbors once the domino effect takes hold, so all you thinking sovereigns better get going.

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Homeland Security To Have Immigrant Exit Tracking System Ready Within ‘Weeks’ (CBS DC)

Homeland Security To Have Immigrant Exit Tracking System Ready Within ‘Weeks’ « CBS DC.

Once again the DHS conveniently forgets that being illegally within the US itself is a crime. Every illegal is a criminal by definition!

And I’ll say it again: If you can afford to have your troops all over the globe and actively fight several wars at the same time, whether overtly or covertly, you can deport all illegals. If the federal government did what its job was, they would seal all borders within months and be rounding up those millions and deporting them by the train load. Mandate the end of violating citizens’ rights by the end of the deportation process and I’m sure you’ll be forgiven for doing your job for a change and coming down hard on the invaders.

As for those who gained US citizenship illegitimately, process those afterwards. Naturalization as an adult or one US citizen parent at birth should be the absolute minimum.

Don’t make it two US citizen parents yet or you’ll have to deport your commander in chief too. 😉

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Greek rhetoric turns into battle of wills –

“German counterpart suggested postponing Greek elections and installing a new government without political parties.”

via Greek rhetoric turns into battle of wills –

Does Wolfgang Schäuble realize how bad that sounds, especially for a German? I realize the whole NS shtick is the lazy man’s hammer, but still…

This smells of an even bigger coup in which the whole circus of “fair and free elections” is done away with entirely. Technocrats are just as fallible as politicians but far less timid.

Restore liberty, disband the EU!

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Israel to build migrant detention camp

Israel to build migrant detention camp.

Once again, Israel shows us how things are done properly.  Not only have they mastered the art of airline and general anti-terrorist security, but now also that of effectively dealing with the illegal alien problem.

Israel’s foreign policy and ethnic population management strategies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they work.

We don’t have to wait for mujahideen to organize in Mexico. Our yearly monetary and material assistance to Israel already should be enough for them to send us experts over to show the luddites in DC how it’s done.

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UN Wants World Tax To ‘Help The Poor’ (Infowars)

» UN Wants World Tax To ‘Help The Poor’ Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Reagan was right. If you throw more money at something, you’ll get more of it. Throwing more money at poverty will increase it, not defeat it.

If money was really all those “poor nations” needed, what happened to the millions already thrown at them? How about we drop the debt and spend that money at home. Let’s first take care of ourselves and let those nations prove they deserve our help!

Say no to Bolshevism, abolish the United AbomiNations!

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Israel, U.S. Divided Over Timing of Potential Military Strike Against Iran – Bloomberg

Israel, U.S. Divided Over Timing of Potential Military Strike Against Iran – Bloomberg.

Note that they’re only allegedly undecided over the timing (as if they’d tell anyone), not whether to do it or not. The US government knows not to bite the hand that feeds.

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UN panel says retool world economy for sustainability (Y! News)

UN panel says retool world economy for sustainability – Yahoo! News.

Ah yes, once again the same people who brought about a series of imaginary and manufactured crises are marketing themselves as the saviors.

It’s not ordinary people who are hellbent on world domination, you know…

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Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds (WaPo)

Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds – The Washington Post.

Here we go… There’s the pretext for starting yet another war on behalf of Congressional sponsors and their great friends in the middle east.

Only one question remains: How long until open conflict? Surely Obama does not want to ignore a PDB indicating a potential threat. 😉

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Conservative blogs take on Newsweek cover – MJ Lee –

Conservative blogs take on Newsweek cover – MJ Lee –

Sullivan just can’t be honest with himself and admit he’s wrong now and was wrong when he first proclaimed Obama to be the messiah of atheists everywhere.

Remember, liberals don’t live in reality.

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Obama: “I Have An Obligation As President To Do What I Can Without” Congress (RealClearPolitics)

Obama: “I Have An Obligation As President To Do What I Can Without” Congress | RealClearPolitics.

And here’s another one. True, Bush did the same thing, but Obama publicly admits that he doesn’t give a hoot what the Constitution says.

And he’s supposed to have taught constitutional law? What constitution did he teach, the Kenyan one?

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Obama Embraces Signing Statements After Knocking Bush for Using Them (Daily Beast)

Obama Embraces Signing Statements After Knocking Bush for Using Them – The Daily Beast.

And here’s just the latest installment of the things I called four years ago. I said those believing Obama was a messiah that they were delusional morons and that they were only shooting themselves in the foot.

As for this year’s charade, I don’t see Romney undoing Obamacare if he does win.

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Wave of shootings baffle Swedish police (Yahoo)

Wave of shootings baffle Swedish police – Yahoo! News.

To quote Mythbusters, well there’s your problem: Immigration. If you open the floodgates like Sweden seems to have done in this case, you get all sorts of people coming in who cannot leave their petty squabbles at home and will continue to fight whoever their ancestors or relatives have been fighting in their native countries.

The immigration policies of decades and centuries past weren’t racist, they worked. Sure, you may not have had as many corner shops or takeaways, but you also had far less crime.

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Occupy are not the solution: they embody the problem – Telegraph Blogs

Occupy are not the solution: they embody the problem – Telegraph Blogs.

Delingpole echoes my previous comments and adds some helpful videos. The occupy movement is a marxist communist horde of miseducated brats who have no idea of how the world actually works.

The essential flaw in any communist is always that they ignore the glaring weaknesses of their preferred system of coercion (communism is coercion, not government), namely that communism perpetuates misery whereas libertarian governments produce wealth and stability.

Take the GDR, communism’s showcase. Sure, all kinds of goods were available, but none of them all the time. And if communism truly were the perfect system, why was the MfS / Stasi so powerful and ever-present?

Freedom and liberty are natural, ideals that conform with what is. Marxism, leninism and communism in general are artificially generated systems of coercion that create a class of untouchables that live entirely different lives from the great masses who live in abject poverty.

So as Delingpole correctly says, the occupy movement is ironically in favor of the status quo. It is therefore no wonder they have so many friends in the Social Democratic parties of the West.

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Climate scientists: not evil, maybe a bit stupid, definitely in a world all of their own – Telegraph Blogs

Climate scientists: not evil, maybe a bit stupid, definitely in a world all of their own – Telegraph Blogs.

Another tale of the easiest way to upset liberals: present them with facts.

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U.S. lawmakers push for better treatment of illegal immigrants in Mexico – Washington Times

U.S. lawmakers push for better treatment of illegal immigrants in Mexico – Washington Times.

How about paying Mexico more? After all, they’re doing a large part of the job you are unwilling to do, dear Congress.

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Judge rules city can bar Occupy Wall Street tents and tarps from Zuccotti Park after evictions  (NYDN)

Judge rules city can bar Occupy Wall Street tents and tarps from Zuccotti Park after evictions  – NY Daily News.

So what more than an alternative form of camping is this “occupy” movement? All they do is publicly expose their lack of culture, manners and knowledge of history.

Parroting Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and maybe on a good day Obama doesn’t start to change anything, it merely makes you a complete prat. Somebody tell them they’re all part of the machine.

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European debt crisis spiralling out of control (Guardian)

European debt crisis spiralling out of control | Business | The Guardian.

Looks like I nearly called this one… over 10 years ago!

It seems their efforts to do away with national identity has started to backfire. You really can’t just eliminate the habits and customs of decades and centuries in a few years.

Now as ever, national sovereignty reigns as the best solution. The Swiss franc is proof of that.

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Bottom Line – Michael Moore confesses: I am the 1 percent

Bottom Line – Michael Moore confesses: I am the 1 percent.

Finally that fat bozo owns up. How many millions he has he’s naturally too bourgeoisie to say, but it’s safe to say that he could very comfortably retire now.

If he truly put his money were his mouth is he’d renounce all his possessions and live off the state, just like every good American should according to him. As it is he lives off those who don’t pay taxes and have lots of time on their hands, i.e. well off rainbow colored liberals.

If he weren’t a socialist, he’d tell the truth, the story of how one overweight college dropout from Flint became a multimillionaire without doing anything of value.

So, kids, Moore is one of “them”. Just because he’s as dumb as you doesn’t make him one of you. He’s much more like the Wall Street bankers, people who also make a killing without doing anything worthwhile.

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Occupy Wall Street kitchen slowdown targets squatters –

Occupy Wall Street kitchen slowdown targets squatters –

Great to see the commies are getting a taste of reality. And in reality, communism never works.

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Occupy the London Stock Exchange? They’re not even occupying their own tents (Telegraph)

Occupy the London Stock Exchange? Theyre not even occupying their own tents – Telegraph Blogs.

No surprise there. Most of those hippies are communists in name only. They’re lazy useless critters who enjoy all the spoils of a capitalist society but would never give anything in return. It’s no wonder they call for communism. How else could they steal from honest working people to finance their filthy habits?

It’s time the Met moved in and cleared them away. That squat definitely classifies as a nuisance and eyesore now. Or make them work for the privilege of soiling the city. Rotating 12 hour shifts in various quarries ought to do.

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Obama hails death of Muammar Gaddafi as foreign policy success (guardian)

Obama hails death of Muammar Gaddafi as foreign policy success | World news |

This coming from the recipient of a Nobel peace price…

Like I’ve said many times, Obama is no better than Bush in any way. He’ll fight the same wars and threaten the same people.

60+% of US voters really did fall for that charlatan’s smoke and mirrors roadshow.