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Has Bono grown up?

The Beacon: The Blog of The Independent Institute.

From the article above, it would seem that at long last, and about 35 years too late, Bono has finally grown up. Gone seem the days of standing with Bob “give us the f*cking money” Geldof and conspiring with Rothchild junior on plundering the wet liberals.

Capitalism, when unrestrained by government, IS the answer, especially for poor countries, but for wealthy ones too!

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Out of Africa: the Bitter Truth by Roger W. Gardner

Out of Africa: the Bitter Truth by Roger W. Gardner

The author is right. As long as we expect to see changes in Iraq, we ought to do the same for Africa. If they don’t change their dictators should not get to waste any more of our money.

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Avtograph, 20 years later

Back in 1985, a little known band from behind the iron curtain, Avtograph, got a spot on the Live Aid broadcast. Infamous for being associated with cherry pickers, they reunited 20 years later to play a concert.

The original (1/2 songs), Nam nuzhen nir:

The reunion (1/?):