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Draft for women – equal rights, equal duty

Think women exempt from draft? Think again.

Unlike the previous gender mixing efforts, this possible gender related change is a positive one.

For years I’ve been hearing women wanting equal rights. Now finally the consequences may be brought to bear. Equal rights should, in society as they do in nature, come with equal responsibilities. Until women’s rights groups and feminists acknowledge that due to the biological differences between men and women they can never be truly equal and that thus rights and duties ought to differ, forced equalizers such as the idea of a gender neutral draft are necessary.

And while we’re on equality, by the way, this should next be extended to racism. If racism really is evil, the NAACP, the Congressional black caucus and La Raza should be declared illegal. Either all race based benefits are racist or none are. The very idea that “minorities” can have racist associations due to some long gone discrepancy does not mean that they can now be granted exclusive benefits. Reverse racism is still racism. Equality means to be color blind, not to favor one color over another.

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Cameron recalls Parliament as London riots spread (C4N)

“This is not about race, faith and class pure and simple,” said Professor Mike Hardy

via Cameron recalls Parliament as London riots spread – Channel 4 News.

Faith, maybe, but beyond that I’m not so sure. I very much doubt there were any rich business men among the rabble. This is a failure of no one but the criminals themselves and their utter lack of any notion of civilized behavior. It’s their animal like primal behavior that caused the loss and utter mayhem.

Mind you, if Boris and Cameron hadn’t pussyfooted around this long much of this could have been prevented, but that’s another story.

Much of this could also have been curtailed had the labor governments of the past not opened the floodgates to just any vermin and instead focussed on integrating new arrivals like they used to before 1968.

Recent events certainly are a post-humous vindication for the late MP Enoch Powell who predicted these sorts of events 43 years ago. I wonder if Mr. Hardy would like to personally apologize to the victims and tell them that those animals just wanted a better life.

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NYT being naive on Israel (again)

U.N. Vote on Palestinian State Could Force Israel’s Hand –

If anyone thinks they’re gonna be able to force Israel’s hand, they’re sorely mistaken. For one, the IDF is one of the best equipped and trained armies on the planet, and Israel has never much cared for what the UN thought.

The Israeli government will do what it likes and ignore what it doesn’t. This isn’t the 50s or 60s anymore. A two-state solution will come on their terms, and not anyone else’s.

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‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal wins final passage (POLITICO)

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal wins final passage – Scott Wong –

How long now until we do get those dancing poufs from that Python skit, or until polishing your nails is a valid reason not to engage the enemy?

Now true, we could have a platoon that rogers the enemy to death now, but there are far more ethical ways to trample on muslims’ “sensibilities.”

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Appeals court stays ruling on gays in military | Reuters

Appeals court stays ruling on gays in military | Reuters.

Isn’t it ironic that Obama would suddenly care about the Constitution when it comes to homosexuals? Seems he’s not so gay friendly after all, doesn’t it.

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Combat brigades in Iraq under different name – Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Army Times

Combat brigades in Iraq under different name – Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Army Times.

Just the latest in a long line of “I told you so”‘s.

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Obama wants veterans to pay for their own treatments (Count Us Out)

Obama wants veterans to pay for their own treatments « Count Us Out

So much for Democrats allegedly caring more for veterans… They care as little about life on and off the battlefield as they do about life in the womb.

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Obama Snubs US Soldiers again (The Weekly Standard)

The Weekly Standard

And that guy wants to be commander in chief? Now who’s going on holiday when he’s got more important things he should be doing? 😉

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Memorial Day 2008

Today, we (patriotic Americans) remember all those who have perished in the line of duty in service of this great nation. Thank you to all you men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice a citizen could make, who knows how many are free and alive today because of what you did. We all should be grateful that you did your duty no matter what situation you found yourselves in.

On the same note, I also hope that we can stop the senseless waste of life some day. Many of those brave soldiers did not have to die, especially not for the benefit of other nations and people. It is time we restricted ourselves to only fighting when absolutely necessary for us, the United States, and for no one else. Material support is one thing, but being bled dry by another nation or people’s greed is never a sensible option.

One major, if not the major, example of this is Israel. 60 years after the establishment of the state on seized Palestinian territory, Israel has one of the best armies on the planet and is well equipped, mostly by the United States, to defend itself. So let’s let it fight for itself. If its existence in its present form is justified, no Arab leader will be able to bring about its destruction.

It may be “the only democracy in the middle east”, but is an artificially created foreign nation really worth the passing of thousands of American soldiers spread out over several decades? At what point will a US President tell them that they’ve become a cost we will no longer bear? At what point will middle eastern politics actually be taken care of in the middle east (as opposed to in Washington)?