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Cameron recalls Parliament as London riots spread (C4N)

“This is not about race, faith and class pure and simple,” said Professor Mike Hardy

via Cameron recalls Parliament as London riots spread – Channel 4 News.

Faith, maybe, but beyond that I’m not so sure. I very much doubt there were any rich business men among the rabble. This is a failure of no one but the criminals themselves and their utter lack of any notion of civilized behavior. It’s their animal like primal behavior that caused the loss and utter mayhem.

Mind you, if Boris and Cameron hadn’t pussyfooted around this long much of this could have been prevented, but that’s another story.

Much of this could also have been curtailed had the labor governments of the past not opened the floodgates to just any vermin and instead focussed on integrating new arrivals like they used to before 1968.

Recent events certainly are a post-humous vindication for the late MP Enoch Powell who predicted these sorts of events 43 years ago. I wonder if Mr. Hardy would like to personally apologize to the victims and tell them that those animals just wanted a better life.