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COVID-19 Observations #1

Having followed the development surrounding COVID-19 (a.k.a. the novel coronavirus) for weeks now, I feel I should start writing now to emphasise things I have learned and come to value.

First, there is the importance of context. Unless you are able contextualise a piece of information you can’t judge its value. A good example is the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the now well known incubator of COVID-19 moored near Yokohama, Japan: While many panicked about the apparent ease with which the virus infected people on board, I posited, as the Washington Post has now reported: “[the ship was] a vessel never designed as a medical quarantine facility.” It is therefore also no surprise that on a ship teeming with infected crew and passengers, many others would eventually be infected as well. Incidentally, did that repatriation plane have separate AC systems on either side of the plastic sheeting? (1)

Then there is the danger posed by idiots who, incapable of following simple instructions, endanger the life of innocent people. The passengers from the Westerdam cruise ship who disembarked in Cambodia are but one example. An even more idiotic one was the Chinese woman in London who despite blanket coverage of government advice endangered an A&E department at a local hospital where she arrived by taxi. As this came after yet more media coverage of the first UK super spreader, this made her more idiotic than those down in Brighton who, despite advice not to do so, went and endangered frontline health workers at their GP surgery. It is idiots like these who make me think that maybe the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is onto something when they forcibly arrest or detain people.

The most important thing to remember about this disease right now is that there is more we don’t know than what we do know. Those who do know or could find out the most easily, the CCP, are scared witless and aren’t being honest with the world because either way they go they’re in for hard times.

It is my sincere hope that those with influence and power will learn how foolish it is to rely on China as the world’s factory and only supplier and that it is effectively highly immoral to force the common people into consumerist illusions of wealth and prosperity by way of cheap goods and seemingly endless supplies of fiat money just so that they don’t have to participate in the common marathon of life. This is the dark side of globalism, a sort of worldwide socialist nightmare, where because of the alien nature of the 0.1% everyone will eventually suffer.

Thank goodness for all the supposed “far-right extremists” who are fed up and have begun to fight!


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