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New DHS rules cancel deportations – Washington Times

New DHS rules cancel deportations – Washington Times.

There it is, Obama’s backdoor amnesty. Not that having some 12 million invader aliens in your country isn’t a de facto amnesty too, but this makes it official. Obama doesn’t care about America, its laws or its ideals. I wonder if he knows that.

And I’ll say it again: If you can put a man on the moon, robots on Mars, fight two large and several smaller wars, have your army spread across the globe for “peaceful reasons” and subsidize other countries with your people’s tax dollars, there is no way in hell you can’t afford to deport all illegals!

Those invaders are criminals and not Americans on top of that. Deport them and let their countries of origin deal with them. And as for those illegitimately awarded American citizenship (anchor babies etc.), I believe the PATRIOT act gives you the power to strip them of those and other ill gotten gains. So use it! Just as you don’t let a killer finish his deed if you can, there is no reason for any illegal to remain in the US for any amount of time. Whether or not they’re “convicted felons” is immaterial. An illegal alien is always a felon.

And don’t give me that BS of “who will take their jobs?”. That’d be like letting thieves keep stolen goods. Those insects aren’t meant to exist in the US in the first place, so how can you rightfully miss something that you’re not meant to have in the first place?!

Never mind that that “Arab spring” wasn’t really about democracy, but what we actually would need here is an American Autumn…

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Swiss voters approve harsher deportation plan (DW)

Swiss voters approve harsher deportation plan | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 28.11.2010.

Here’s hoping the Swiss government will tell those “human rights” groups to go get stuffed. It is the Swiss people’s right to determine their own fate, and they have decided to expel the most serious of criminals. It’s like taking out your own trash. You produce it, you facilitate its processing, simple.

Once again, the US could learn a lesson from this. Not that deporting alien criminals would be effective considering the porous southern border, but the principle of not wasting money or unnecessarily giving rights to criminal aliens does seem very reasonable and rational.

Unfortunately, the initiative will probably turn out to have been an excercise in futility as the Swiss long ago abdicated a part of their sovereignty when they recognized the ICC’s legitimacy and later even more when they joined the Schengen zone. Total sovereignty guaranteed safety for centuries, shooting yourself in the foot never has.

When will people learn that the NWO won’t tolerate sovereigns?

CWQTPY News Politics – Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds – Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds.

Now, see, wouldn’t it be much cheaper to just deport them all? Whatever the cost of expelling that scum, I’m sure it’ll still be a lot less than this plus all the idiotic nonsense CIC Barry is spending OUR money on.

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Home Depot at standoff with laborers who swarm customers in bid for work

Home Depot at standoff with laborers who swarm customers in bid for work

If I were the sheriff down there I’d post officers out front and immediately arrest and move to deport any illegal trespassing on private property. They chose to come to the United States illegally, so it’s only fair that they should suffer for their crimes. There should never be a reward for those who cannot wait their turn.

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Money For Illegals’ Care Runs Out (IW)

Immigration Watchdog » Money For Illegals’ Care Runs Out

They should set up work camps for those who can’t pay. Make them suffer and they’ll willingly go back to Mexico. I’m sure living there is better than suffering at a work camp. Or maybe we ought to simply be cruel to be kind to those who are here legally…