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Dollar devaluation

The league of “kooks” seems to be growing… When some Frenchmen or some Russian academic predict the collapse of the dollar it’s one thing… But when domestic experts start agreeing with them, it’s time to start taking the developments seriously.

The fact is that “our” government is spending us into a depression and possibly something far worse. They don’t care about us because in a “democracy” as rigged as ours there is really nothing for them to fear. And with their millions safely stashed off shore, they couldn’t care less about how much or how little money we have. And if they ever leave DC, there will be fellow co-conspirators outside of government to bail them out by paying them millions for doing nothing or perhaps for killing innocent civilians or something equally distasteful.

Those who have yet to realize that all this “new era” talk by the commie in chief is nothing but the newest episode of the DC circus really are some poor stupid sods. They should realize that no one will be elected unless they have a purpose in the elite’s plans. If you don’t tow the line you will never make it, or not for long anyway. And don’t point to Obama, he is towing the line like a mule on fire.

The cowards in DC have it rigged so that the majority of people are nothing more than cattle, putty in their hands. Trust me, it’ll take more than a few large scale riots to unsettle those guys. There are plenty of active and inactive government installations on which to hide away “uncooperative citizens.”

Too alarmist? You won’t survive attempts to communicate with the outside once incarcerated. Enjoy Obamaland!

As for alternatives to kissing your behind… If you’re not smart enough to figure that out you deserve what you get. And if DC tries a repeat of 1933, all I can say is remember the classic Heston quote!

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Obama Stimulates Unions, Inflation and Debt

Obama Stimulates Unions, Inflation and Debt

Further material that backs up my long time assertion that Obama is and will continue to worsen things. Better start to read up on the Weimar Republic, because it’s that sort of disaster we’re headed for.

As an aside: He is not getting any slack from me. He and those who elected him think he’s bloody brilliant and faultless, so if he really is he needs neither slack nor a “honeymoon period.”

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Bush Embraces Obama’s Communism

Bush Embraces Obama’s Socialism

I guess this is another part of that “New World Order” the President’s father alluded to years ago. It definitely also brings us closer to the end of the dollar.