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Birth certificate isn’t Obama’s only secret (Washington Times)

EDITORIAL: Birth certificate isn’t Obama’s only secret – Washington Times.

Great editorial!

Now for my analysis:

I have to point out that the White HouseĀ  shot themselves in the foot when they had their media staff alter the document sent from Hawaii. If you compare it with the original, as published by the AP, you’ll notice that for some narcissistic reason, they decided to add a silly pattered background and make the text easier to read. This would be bad enough in itself, but they also on top of that neglected to merge the layers before publishing the file, thereby making it obvious that the original had been tampered with.

In the end though, even if BHO was born where and when he’s always claimed he was, he still is the least qualified and least able President of all times. And this has nothing to do with his race, color, heritage, origins, political affiliation or place of birth. It is simply a matter of him not being qualified to be President, period. Any other man, woman or transsexual of different origins but with the same absence of any tangible qualifications would be just as much out of place in the White House.

Let’s hope that whoever moves in on January 20 2017 is ready to present all records way in advance and not three years too late.


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FTC floats Drudge tax – Washington Times

EDITORIAL: FTC floats Drudge tax – Washington Times.

Talk about a 1984 measure. Seems the sheep aren’t eating the hay anymore.