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London Riots

TUITION FEES VOTE PROTEST: Charles and Camilla’s car attacked as thousands of students descend on Parliament | Mail Online.

Demonstrations are ok, but when spoiled brats go as far as those idiots in London, anything short of machine guns with live ammo should be fair game.

Such childish brutes should all be arrested and definitely barred from ever attending any university in the UK. Higher education is a privilege, not a right!

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Americans are good misspellers (Washington Times)

Washington Times – Americans are good misspellers

Typical, ignore the problem and impose a “solution.” If many adults can’t spell properly, it means the educational system has failed, not that “it’s too hard.”

This is the same sort of BS pandering to immigrants Germany and Austria did some years back when they rewrote the grammatical rules governing the use of the German language, except that here in America many citizens are dumber than fresh off the boat immigrants.

But of course we can’t just reform the educational system. If Congress did that people might eventually be smart enough to realize that they’ve been conned and that DC isn’t home to our government anymore, that it’s now become “our” government. The elites will do anything to stay in power.

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Thomas Sowell : De-Programming Students (Townhall)

Thomas Sowell : De-Programming Students –

I’ve got an even better idea: Don’t send your children to schools that teach such nonsense! Sure, it may be more expensive, but it sure is a lot easier than trying to deprogram them once the damage has been done.

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John Stossel : The College Scam (Townhall)

John Stossel : The College Scam –

Today’s “duh” award goes to Stossel. While usually quite adept at highlighting issues, this week’s column is just a dozy. First off, his example is meaningless: I mean, only an idiot would go for a major as meaningless as “human development.” I should know, I did Informatics.

Also, any student who falls for the universities’ PR deserves to fail or to be disappointed. Then as now, you only get a good job if you’re willing to work hard for it. That is unless you’re non-white, female or some combination of the subgroups therein.

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Obama: Running on the Cult of Personality

Obama: Running on the Cult of Personality

Once again, Schlafly is dead on. That’s all Obama has, his unAmerican personality.

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Mexican Hat Dance (The Critical Hour)

The Critical Hour: Mexican Hat Dance

Any school that behaves like that should immediately have all its state and federal funding (if any) revoked. If they want it back they should either be given the funds to move to Mexico or have to terminate all pro-Mexico idiots and expel those students who refuse to behave according to American standards.

As for the language, unless you’re a tourist, you should be deported at once if you refuse to speak English or learn it within a short a timeframe as possible. We speak English in this country and if you don’t like that you can sod off.

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Obama and the Independent School District (American Thinker)

American Thinker: Obama and the Independent School District

It’s because of idiotic plans like this that I call him a communist. When someone has such an utter disregard for our country he does not deserve to be called anything better.

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Dumbing Down America’s Colleges by Alan Caruba

Dumbing Down America’s Colleges by Alan Caruba

This is ridiculous! If you can’t handle the already watered down SAT you don’t belong in college, period. Screw diversity, we need educated people, not diverse idiots!

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Home-schoolers ‘in shock’ over court ruling (Washington Times)

Home-schoolers ‘in shock’ over court ruling – – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

As usual the Stalin fanatics in California can’t stand to have their weaknesses exposed. How dare those parents provide their children with the education the state won’t. 🙄