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A tale of two worlds

In the wake of the MH17 tragedy, the awake amongst us have once again been able to contrast Russia’s mature, statesman-like and simply rational response with the West’s childish name calling, lying, slander and propaganda consisting of fabrications.

Compare their fantasies with Russia’s detailed, illustrated and bilingual presentation. No sane person presented with both sides would side with the West. Unfortunately, most voters cannot deal with the slander bombing undertaken by Western media (and they in turn dare not report truth or on reality) and thereby acquiesce and simply parrot the fiction spread by “their” media.

I am not Russian nor brainwashed by the FSB or RT and RIA Novosti. I am informed.

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Recreational drugs and how to deal with them

I’m beginning to think that we should deal with recreational drugs the same as with other than marriage unions, i.e. stop arguing and interfering.

If weak-minded morons want to ruin their and their families’ lives by consuming illegal drugs, let them, but don’t bill the rest of us. Let them kill themselves, but don’t tax me to pay for the outcomes of their follies. Deal with them however harshly you like once they can no longer be maintained. Those who are too stupid to respond to tailored offers of help may just be destined to erase themselves and their defectiveness.

As long as the truth wasn’t kept from them like it often is nowadays and they verifiably still choose to harm themselves but no one else, I don’t see why we should waste time on them.

I am not proposing we return to savage do or die behaviors, but there needs to be some pruning in the interest of sanity. There are things way more important than the well being of idiots.

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Increase in Muslim Moochers across the West

Increase in Muslim Moochers across the West

And European governments dare to complain when financially hard times hit. Recovery is simple: stop supporting moochers. If they cause you trouble, offer to deport them back to the hellholes they came from.

(h/t Libertarian Republican.)

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Austerity whips up anger, protests mount in Europe (AFP)

Austerity whips up anger, protests mount in Europe – Yahoo! Singapore News.

Spoiled brats! You can’t have both massive handouts from governments and a healthy economy.

As long as the honest working people pay for the support of those who won’t work, states will be unable to remain on budget.

Instead of blaming the state, those workers ought to pursue those who are dragging their states down, by, for example, expelling all illegal aliens and starting to tighten down on the numbers of foreigners allowed in their country.

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Called it before Stratfor did!

I think I’m getting good at this prediction game…

“Most [Munich] conference attendees were looking forward to a dramatic shift in U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration. What was interesting about Biden’s speech was how little change there has been in the U.S. position and how much the attendees and the media were cheered by it.

After Biden’s speech, there was much talk about a change in the tone of U.S. policy. But it is not clear to us whether this was because the tone has changed, or because the attendees’ hearing has.” (emphasis mine) – Stratfor, 2/9/09

Friedman put it very nicely but essentially did nothing more than confirm what I’ve been saying for a long time, i.e. that “the world” is too immature, childish and dumb to see that US policy is virtually the same no matter who occupies the White House.

Perception is a powerful thing. I bet the DNC has had a grand ole time since they fooled millions of Americans and many others elsewhere into thinking Obama was something else, a beginning of a new era.

Get this into your thick skulls people: Your vote is irrelevant. The elites will have it their way no matter what. Even breaks from the usual are a part of that. Anyone who thinks we’re in a new era should please not vote or otherwise pollute the political atmosphere anymore.