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Patriotism is not a dirty word

Today’s tragic events in Brussels once again demonstrate what can happen when a country engages in foreign adventures unrelated to their national interests and at the same time fails to integrate foreigners. EU nations would do well to learn pretty quickly that patriotism is not a dirty word and that insisting that new arrivals integrate and assimilate is neither xenophobic or nationalist, it is plain common sense and very much necessary for a country to remain secure.

Say what you will about banking, Switzerland is the perfect example of how to be both proud of you identity and welcoming of others at the same time: By remaining neutral, staying out of other people’s affairs they have become a prosperous and very secure nation, and all without succumbing to police state measures or excessive “nanny-stateism”.

By remaining a true nation state (as opposed to a mere region of a super state) and therefore remaining in control of who can enter the country, they can afford to integrate and support new arrivals. In return, they expect that those newcomers will assimilate and assume Swiss values. As a result, there are no terrorist attacks on Swiss soil. Funny how¬†this works…

In Switzerland there are no muslim ghettos, no no-go zones, no shanty towns and no troops on the streets.

And don’t say “banks”. Switzerland is proof that by minding your own business, taking care of your own and acting in your own interest as opposed to those of the Washington cabal you can be safe and prosperous and do so irrespective of how much your neighbouring countries whore themselves out to foreign interests.

Don’t be afraid to, as a nation or culture, know who you are and take rightful pride in your accomplishments. The world will notice, pay attention and leave you alone in return.

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French Senate passes ban of full Muslim veils – Yahoo! News

French Senate passes ban of full Muslim veils – Yahoo! News.

Blimey, the French leading the way?! You know you’ve screwed up when you’re being outdone by the French. Deporting gypsies and banning burqas in less than one term of office. Well done!

Let’s hope we don’t all have to have a state as marxist as France before we too start throwing out illegals and ban un-Western head coverings. It used to be the norm that when you moved to another country you adapted. I mean, who to this day only speaks 18th century German in PA?

As the third world hordes don’t seem to adapt willingly I think we should all do like France and make them adapt. If they don’t like it they can always go back to whence they came and enjoy stoning, legalized rape and forced subjugation of anyone not of the dominant caste.

There’s a reason the French can be thanked for defining the word civilization (not the concept though mind you.) It seems that once again we sheepishly have to do so again now.

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Muslim graves defaced in France (Washington Times)

Muslim graves defaced in France – – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

Sarkozy is a blind fool. You really have to be very ignorant to not get the message that the few patriotic French remaining don’t want muslims transforming their country into some third world dump.