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Wyclef Jean to Announce Run for Haiti’s Presidency – TIME

Wyclef Jean to Announce Run for Haiti’s Presidency – TIME.

Oh no, not another “singer” who thinks he knows politics.

Though knowing the state of Haitian state of affairs, whatever education Wyclef received in the US should be a marked improvement.

Heck, Wyclef, why don’t you take Schwarzenegger with you so he can finally do something right? Helping to govern Haiti should be manageable for him.

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Haitians Storm President’s Palace (Al Jazeera)

Al Jazeera English – News – Haitians Storm President’s Palace

This is further proof that it is foolish to try to export democracy to some countries. Events like these and those in Zimbabwe prove that certain people aren’t competent enough to maintain a democratic system and should therefore not be forced to have one. If they prefer to live as barbarians in anarchy I say let them. They chose to live in squalor, so who are we to deny them their choice?