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Occupy the London Stock Exchange? They’re not even occupying their own tents (Telegraph)

Occupy the London Stock Exchange? Theyre not even occupying their own tents – Telegraph Blogs.

No surprise there. Most of those hippies are communists in name only. They’re lazy useless critters who enjoy all the spoils of a capitalist society but would never give anything in return. It’s no wonder they call for communism. How else could they steal from honest working people to finance their filthy habits?

It’s time the Met moved in and cleared them away. That squat definitely classifies as a nuisance and eyesore now. Or make them work for the privilege of soiling the city. Rotating 12 hour shifts in various quarries ought to do.

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‘Peace’ Advocates Playing Dirty (HE)

‘Peace’ Advocates Playing Dirty – HUMAN EVENTS

Then as now, those hippies all belong behind bars. It is time we enacted laws allowing us to remove such nuisances from public view.