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Sony’s foray into video glasses could succeed

tl;dr: It’s a consumer grade device, don’t expect miracles.

Last week I got my Sony HMZ-T1, Sony’s new video glasses / visor product. Having seen their PR and having read a few reviews, I was already not expecting an Amazing style immersive experience. But I was curious nonetheless.

While the device setup is generally very simple and intuitive, fitting the thing on your head is not. The trick is to fit the front first, then adjust the straps, otherwise you have no clue as to how to adjust them.

Watching a DVD on the glasses is definitely an enjoyable experience as it does indeed give you the “portable cinema” experience. I have yet to try 3D BDs, but I trust they’ll measure up.

In the end though, this is not an Apple device and as such does remind me a little too much of cheap Japanese kids’ toys. It seems that in an effort to make the device affordable, Sony had to cut corners after having spent the bulk of the budget on the screens that make the magic possible.

So while Sony deserves much praise for having accomplished a great feat this early, the device category still has a long way to go. So until an Apple grade device becomes the norm in the $500 – $900 RRP range, Sony would do well to produce a tech enthusiast version made of better materials and equipped with a better rounded feature set in the $1,000 – $2,000 RRP range.

I love my HMZ-T1, but I want more.