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House rebukes Obama on Libya, but lets funding continue – Washington Times

House rebukes Obama on Libya, but lets funding continue – Washington Times.

Once again, I saw this one coming from a mile away. There’s a certain way things in DC work, and not messing with the figurehead’s wars is a part of that.

Chief eunuch of Obama the nitwit in this case is Kucinich. I knew this effort was definitely intended to fail when I saw that lame mallard head up the effort.

So, just for fun, a few more predictions:

  • The GOP will cave in, the debt ceiling will be raised, as high as the Fed demands it be.
  • Spending will continue unabated.
  • Kucinich, the Pauls & Co. will remain the sideshow they’ve always been.
  • Palin will at the most follow in Hillary’s footsteps. No Presidency for her.

And just to cheese off a few more people, I’m gonna quote a rock star: Don’t believe the truth!

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Inside the Osama’s squalid hideaway (Mail Online)

Inside the Osama’s squalid hideaway: First pictures of terror leader’s secret lair was barely habitable | Mail Online.

So a terrorist mastermind lived in something little more than a trash strewn building site for over five years? For a few weeks or until the heat dies down, maybe, but years? Hardly.

Even now, we still have no definite confirmation of exactly who was injured, killed or maimed or not at what point at what precise location and the White House still can’t agree on a story.

The story is still fishy and I remain very skeptical. Not that it really matters whether OBL really is dead, there are enough blind followers left and he certainly wasn’t dumb enough to not ensure a clear line of succession.

But the question remains: Why now?

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Republicans Defiant, But House Passes Massive Stimulus Bill (Newsmax) – Republicans Defiant, But House Passes Massive Stimulus Bill

So this is how it’s gonna work I guess. Democrats decide to further ruin this country and then ram through their changes.

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House panel subpoenas Rove (Washington Times)

Washington Times – House panel subpoenas Rove

If I were in Rove’s shoes I’d tell the panel to go shove it. No sane person should voluntarily participate in such a witch hunt. Rove did nothing wrong and should therefore not waste any time with the DC socialists.