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Monty Python at the O2 – musings

So I just got back from the O2 where I saw and met the Pythons, which was nice.

Before I let my impressions marinade, here are a few fresh from the bush:

For a whipper snapper like myself, this production was a godsend. As I was born quite late in their career, I’d never thus far had the chance of seeing them live. Good thing I’m a Swiss wage earning whipper snapper, ’cause that ticket was expensive!

When they say you should never meet your idols, they’re kind of right. Just like with my musical favourites, Motörhead’s Lemmy, one thing to keep in mind is that the stars are senior citizens now, so you won’t get a carbon copy of the record anymore. That said though, Eric Idle organised one fine show for us.

Although they could have gone a bit lighter on the musical type interludes, it was a privilege to see the five remaining Pythons and Carol Cleveland in the flesh, doing it all one more time. To see those sketches live and alive was amazing. Younger actors may have more vigour, but it’s always best to see the writers and original performers.

The irony of the whole thing about age, by the way, was that the most seasoned performer is still the best performer. Although he’s the oldest of the five, John Cleese was in great voice and shape and I for one am very glad he wanted to be there.

Meeting them afterwards was surreal. I usually have lots to say to my idols, but somehow with these whom I’ve admired for a lot longer than some of my musical favourites, I had far less to say. But sod it, all five in one room and me and 100 others too, that’s a pretty good crowning moment to an evening.

To finish with an aside on legends, Motörhead is still amongst the best in the value for money department, by the way. If there was a next time Monty Python should ask VIP Nation to do the meet and greet.

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Happy 4th of July!

Although I’m a year-round patriot (unlike those who only dust off their flags every 7/4), I thought I should nevertheless write a few words.

If you read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights today, you are to be congratulated, but not commended. What you should be doing is to consider how you will fight to once again make those documents the law of the land.

For many decades now, the overlords in DC have disregarded our founding documents and have done whatever they could get away with. And because of that none of us are any better off.

And these overlords are not Obama and Biden, those two are mere puppets who will do whatever is expedient. I’m pointing the finger at those who make and brake presidents, those who like to remind congressmen and senators to obey them and not their constituents.

Tea-parties are nice, but only just. For every acting patriot, there are millions of fools who won’t think further than which politician’s hairpiece they detest the most. How else would you explain Robert “KKK” Byrd’s career or Mr. pencil sharpener’s comeback?

I guess we really will need something akin to martial law to shake people up into once again supporting their country as opposed to blindly catering to foreign interests who couldn’t give a hoot as to which bunch of wallies fill their wallets. As long as there are willing slaves somewhere, they’ll keep grazing.