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BBC ignores UK far-left

Russell Brand ‘Con-Dems’ MSM blackout of 50,000-strong anti-austerity march

One critical observation¬†absent from the “debate” on this issue is that, just like Occupy Wall street, this “People’s Assembly Against Austerity” is, true to its name, a far-left / Labour / social democrat / communist organization playing into the elite’s hands.

Russel Brand has become a tool in the hands of the elite, who, as they have for ages, rely on a repeated cycle of Hegelian dialectic to extort the population.

The entity commonly known as the UK government has for decades overspent on buttering up miscreants and assorted lefties with excuses for laziness in the form of oversized benefits. Now that funds are nearing depletion, they have to institute austerity measures, as of course paying for the exploitation of anyone not in the elites comes first. Now in order to legitimize the next phase, they’re creating this false outrage to have a reason to extort even more money from the honest and decent among their people in the name of “helping the poor” or some other nonsense.

Just like with other celebs, Brand would be better of focusing on what he’s best at (and even there he’s crap), being a comedian. He has now definitely proven that he knows sod all about how politics really works.

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Britain braces for possible copycat attacks (My Way News)

Britain’s domestic spy agency of MI5 has long warned of the difficulties in predicting self-starter attacks, or attacks that are inspired – not necessarily organized – by larger groups.

via My Way News – Britain braces for possible copycat attacks.

Bollocks! When Labour opened the floodgates predicting became much easier. Unchecked immigration will lead to such clashes between cultures and races, “extremist” religions or not.

Besides, in this case they knew the lead attacker beforehand, no predicting necessary!

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BBC had “massive bias to left:” director general

BBC had “massive bias to left:” director general.

“Had”?! If it was massive, it is pronounced now.

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Labor Party crushed in town hall voting (The Washington Times)

Labor Party crushed in town hall voting – – Breaking News, Political News & National Security News – The Washington Times

Good to see that British voters haven’t lost all sense of right and wrong. Now that they’ve thrown out one communist, they can hopefully follow that with more tory victories.