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Only the mentally ill will blame Palin for a disturbed man’s actions

44 – Jared Loughner’s behavior recorded by college classmate in e-mails.

As the above link and related articles demonstrate, Sarah Palin or any other conservative celebrity had nothing to do with the AZ shooting. To claim that Palin was partially responsible because she encouraged AZ voters to vote for her opponent in last year’s elections is outright infantile, immature and about as illogical as inferring that bananas are lethal because a cancer patient once ate more than four bananas in one week just prior to being diagnosed with cancer.

Loughner would have committed an act like this anyway. It’s only because he picked a political event that this is news at all. If he had killed anyone else he would have just been another number.

This may of course also be news as some members of the elites may have an ulterior motive…

This concludes another episode of stating the obvious.

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Lord Chief Justice Wants Sharia in UK (The Jawa Report)

The Jawa Report: Lord Chief Justice Wants Sharia in UK

Seriously, what on earth is wrong with those people? And there I thought Germans were suffering froma severe case of misguided self hatred. Evidently, too many Brits are far worse. Maybe those self haters should make it easier for those who love their country and eject themselves.

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Liberals Love Loons and Liars (he)

Liberals Love Loons and Liars – HUMAN EVENTS

The above article substantiates my earlier point. The followers of Hussein Osama should be declared mentally ill.