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Get government out of marriage (and OTM unions)!

So now that the US Supreme Court has opened the flood gates to any kind of union having to be recognized, I think it’s time government got out of the marriage and Other Than Marriage union business altogether. If they’re so hellbent on destroying marriage, they should welcome the logical step and quit meddling entirely.

In the end it’s all about money and privilege, so let’s remove those incentives and institute the most crude but also most fair to any pervert and FUBAR’d moron: Relationships with benefits registers, supported by government. Kind of like LLCs, but usually with fewer people involved. And just like there are LLCs for all sorts of services and purposes, the RLLCs would also be for different services and purposes.

If it’s really about “discrimination”, “equality” and all that other marxist rubbish, let’s no longer suppress polygamists, zoophiles, pedophiles and technophiles. Who are you to forbid them to “marry” as many people, animals or things as they want?

And if you, dear “tolerant people”, think pedophilia and zoophilia is wrong, for one who are you to judge, and for another, welcome to my world, I can’t condone repulsive behavior either.

EDIT: What I’m saying is: Let’s quit arguing and end this silly conflict! Liberalism is a mental disorder, so just like there’s no telling a paranoid person they’re not under constant threat, there’s no point in trying to explain to those morons what marriage is. This debate is a distraction from far more important things! There’s a man behind the curtain and he doesn’t like you one bit!

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Judge declares US gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional – Local News Updates – MetroDesk – The Boston Globe

Judge declares US gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional – Local News Updates – MetroDesk – The Boston Globe.

So now the federal government can’t even have laws reflect reality? Only someone as deranged as that judge could take issue with that.

While the ruling is technically correct in saying that the federal government has no business in meddling in the states’ social affairs, this is not one of those cases!

There is no question among sane, rational human beings as to what we understand marriage to be. Only mentally ill morons could doubt reality in such a corrupt manner.

This isn’t a question of beliefs, it’s a question of whether you see things as they are or as they are not. Nature is stubborn that way.

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Gay union ban overturned in Calif. (Washington Times)

Gay “marriage” ban overturned in Calif. – – Breaking News, Political News & National Security News – The Washington Times

And there the nuthouse goes again. No wonder they want to outlaw homeschooling when their public schools can’t even educate people on what marriage is.