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Golove strikes again

I’ve been getting into experimental music and Krautrock recently, so “High Voltage!” seemed like a fitting compilation to point me in some new directions.

On that playlist I found Telstar, the true beginning of the British invasion. Not until I heard it did I remember how long it had been since I last heard it and how much I loved that song. It was there I realized that Golove had struck again.

Many years ago, probably ten years ago now, I took one of the most important courses of my college career, Rock Music, taught by Professor Golove. Over the course of a semester, he introduced me and the 100+ other students to a plethora of music genres, artists and influential songs. Every now and then, I come across some artist or song and remember that I’ve known it for many years, often thanks to that class. I was into music beforehand, but I still learned a ton. So even if you’re a music geek, do it for listening to Megadeth in the pursuit of academia! And if classical music is your only muse, remember, many famous musicians didn’t know the style that would make them famous until they branched out.

So undergrads, UB students and prospective UB students, if there ever was a class you had to pick a particular university for, MUS 265 is it! And if that’s not enough, there’s always Dr. Colon’s Anal Chemistry.

Success won’t find you regardless of your efforts, it will find you because of them. So if you’re willing to apply yourself outside the classroom too, I can still only recommend my dear Alma Mater.

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UK record labels launch unprecedented anti-Torrent campaign — RT News

UK record labels launch unprecedented anti-Torrent campaign — RT News.

It’s initiatives that seriously harm the record industry’s credibility. They fight for artists about as much as breweries are interested in people’s health.

Instead of stealing from artists, how about give them their fair share first so that there actually is something to defend?!

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The day Dream Theater died

Less than 24 hours ago, Dream Theater, my favorite band, died. No, not Lynyrd Skynyrd style, but they might as well have for being such douchebags.

Apparently Mike Portnoy, their drummer, architect and leader decided it was time for an extended break. Apparently the other four somehow missed the fact that the Beatles, Phish, Megadeth, Metallica and many other bands either stopped touring or simply took extended hiatuses. So Mike did the mature thing and quit.

This would not be as surprising if it weren’t such an idiotic move. We know James is a diva at heart and Myung hardly ever talks, so no surprise there. Petrucci without guitar is like Thor without a hammer, disarmed.

I gotta thank Jordan Rudess though for being so mature and open about the whole thing.Thank you!

Resume gripe mode… Seriously guys, who’s given the most interviews, given the most insight into Dream Theater, basically always stayed behind to do so much more while you were doing who knows what? Mike. Who kept you in line while LaBrie oiled his throat? Mike. The Johns were nothing before Mike and may soon be little more.

Way to dump on everything he’s done! Just be glad that unlike Keith Moon or John Bonham he’s not dead (yet).

And last but not least, how dare you retain the name? There was no Dream Theater before Mike and there will be none without him. It’ll just be another Van Hagar, Alcaholica or Who?!?.

Do make that album. Maybe you’ll reconsider once us grown men in your audiences have been replaced by juggalos, or, worse yet, fainting bimbos!

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Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith says guitarist (The Rock Radio)

The Rock Radio: Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith says guitarist

While this may sound sad, it could also be a great move if done for the right reasons. I don’t want to see Aerosmith become the pathetic excuse of a joke of a band the Stones have become. Like Liam Gallagher allegedly once said, “Old men in tights, are you sure?”

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Music videos for the deaf


Amazing… useful performance art.

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Tech scare: Loud MP3 players can damage your hearing – No really? (

Tech scare: Loud MP3 players can damage your hearing – No really? –

“The latest warning is informing us that listening to loud music could damage our ears. Well I never, who’d have thought it?”

Today’s No S Sherlock Award goes to the time wasters who spent money to confirm the obvious.

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david hyman – phish played at wedding last night. VIDEO!!!!

david hyman – phish played at wedding last night. VIDEO!!!!.

This could be big… or as small as The Police’s 1992 “reunion.”

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Remembering Keith Moon 30 years after his death (The Rock Radio)

The Rock Radio: Remembering Keith Moon 30 years after his death

Rest in peace, loon.

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Friday Fun: Mac Desktop Music Video

Friday Fun: Mac Desktop Music Video

A really well done video, a sort of Time for the naughties.

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Plan would tax music downloads (San Jose Mercury News)

Plan would tax music downloads – San Jose Mercury News

Typical CA commies. If it moves, tax it, if it doesn’t, tax it even more. I know they need some way to pay for all the stuff they’re throwing away on invaders, but still… No wonder people are moving out of California.

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Avtograph, 20 years later

Back in 1985, a little known band from behind the iron curtain, Avtograph, got a spot on the Live Aid broadcast. Infamous for being associated with cherry pickers, they reunited 20 years later to play a concert.

The original (1/2 songs), Nam nuzhen nir:

The reunion (1/?):

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Awake Idol audience

It’s awesome to see that voters have found more IQ for this season of American Idol. Seeing that they now stand up for purity, ability and and skill by keeping the actually deserving singers on and sending the unworthy and impure ones like the irritating homo home was a definitely overdue necessary change.