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Israel to build migrant detention camp

Israel to build migrant detention camp.

Once again, Israel shows us how things are done properly.  Not only have they mastered the art of airline and general anti-terrorist security, but now also that of effectively dealing with the illegal alien problem.

Israel’s foreign policy and ethnic population management strategies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they work.

We don’t have to wait for mujahideen to organize in Mexico. Our yearly monetary and material assistance to Israel already should be enough for them to send us experts over to show the luddites in DC how it’s done.


Our national deficit (Truth in 2008)

Truth in 2008

Considering how much in debt we are, why on earth are we sending billions every year to mindless murderers like the IDF and corrupt tyrants in Africa and elsewhere? Obama won’t end this, btw.

Aren’t you glad several generations of your family will have to pay for your insane stupidity?!