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U.S. judge says NSA phone surveillance is lawful (Reuters)

“A federal judge ruled that a National Security Agency program that collects records of millions of Americans phone calls is lawful, [and] (…) does not violate Americans privacy rights.”

via UPDATE 3-U.S. judge says NSA phone surveillance is lawful | Reuters.

Just like something straight out of Fahrenheit 451 or 1984, except it’s not fictional. War is peace and captivity is freedom.

Not that I expected anything else, mind you. No judge will stop the efforts so far entrusted to the NSA. Just like Norman Stanley Fletcher, there’s but one mistake the NSA has made, that of getting caught.

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German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA (Comment is free, the Guardian)

German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA | Kai Biermann | Comment is free |

A useful reminder from an otherwise despicable rag. “Your” government isn’t any better just because it claims to despise what the NSA is doing. They’re most likely just as guilty.

In the case of the BND / Germany this was easy to spot when the talk of “secure e-mail” came up. Only someone with no idea of how the Internet works could be so naive as to think that you can keep anything from the NSA / GCHQ just by repatriating your e-mail servers.

It’s a con, people. No government is seriously interested in granting you privacy, especially not if they claim the opposite.

Pessimistic? Maybe, but I doubt it.